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The second edition of Ultimate Wealth Tips Newsletter
June 28, 2010

In This Issue

1. Introduction and preamble.

2. Where should you be investing at the moment - a simple (and cheap) guide?

3. Ten Essentials to become wealthy, successful and happy.


First of all, welcome to the second edition of UWT. After the first edition last month I received a huge number of emails requesting more information on debt and the birth certificate scam. This is a huge subject and so I have written a page called pay off debt where you can get more information. This information is highly sensitive in as much as the banksters don't want you to know about it. In my opinion the more people who know about it and realise who they really are the more on purpose we will all be and a much happier and wealthy life will be lead by all. I think it is fair to say that once you have read the pay off debt page you will start to realise that we do live in a world of illusion where the truth is constantly suppressed. I urge you to do your own reading, however if you want to join the fast track then have a look at The Liberty Wealth Club.

Where should you be investing at the moment - a simple (and cheap) guide?

What should you be doing to make wealth at the moment?

We are in strange times. Although there is no doubt that our monetary system is collapsing even though governments are desperate to give the illusion that they are in control and everything is ok, it has never been a better time to invest and make money. Governments are desperately trying to pay off the interest on their loans to the IMF and World Bank. This is of course why taxes are increasing and the number of indirect taxes are springing up all over the place in terms of licences and so on. The banksters are extorting money from world governments and governments in turn are extorting it from you. If you don't pay your taxes you are threatened because most people don't know how to deal with these threats and allow fear to prevail. Exactly what your government wants. There is no law which says you have to pay tax. However the government rely on you 'contracting' with them to get their money. Have a look at my pay off debt page for more info.

Ok, back to investing. In my opinion the best places to invest at the moment are gold (and silver); property; forex and your own business.

Gold(minimum investment, a few euros)

Let's start with gold. You have to be careful not to listen to the crowd. In fact if everone is doing something that is usually a good indication that you shouldn't. At the moment I see many people selling their gold because of the adverts on television, in fact everywhere you look, promising good money and they even have people in stalls on the street offering to buy your gold because it has reached an all time high. Don't sell your gold!

You should be BUYING gold because it has not nearly reached its peak!

I am talking about straight forward allocated gold. Allocated gold is just that. The gold is allocated to you. If you turned up at your chosen vault you could physically see your gold. This is important because if the storage provider goes bankrupt your gold is still yours. On the other hand if you have unallocated gold you become one of the creditors and may never see your gold again. A good source of allocated gold is bullionvault. You can buy online and it offers 3 different countries to store your gold in. This company even gives you a free gram of gold for joining. Even The Lord Rothschild Fund has invested here, in fact only last week.

Everyone can afford to own gold!!!

Although gold has increased in value enormously, 180% in the last 5yrs, 53% in the last year alone it still has some way to go because gold prices are based on our fiat money system. What I mean is that the actual value of gold stays the same. It is our fiat currencies that are devaluing at a frightening pace and making gold look like it has increased in value. Since they still have a long way to go the perceived value of gold will increase. So buy buy buy. Gold has always been an excellent store of value.

Property(minimum investment, sometimes nothing)

The second area I would like to emphasise when it comes to investing is property. If you have your own property, brilliant. If you can buy another then even better. Property is now much cheaper in many countries, certainly than it was 2-3 years ago. The fantastic thing about property (and gold) is that you have a store of value. You have something tangible and real as opposed to stocks and cash which can lose value at an incredible rate. Unfortunately the value of stocks are very often inflated and manipulated, by government and traders. That is not to say that there isn't undervalued stocks out their waiting for someone to discover. However because many stockmarkets are not based on truth and honesty my advice is to stay well clear at the moment. They are simply too volatile which begs the question, are you investing or gambling? You can actually buy property with no money down

Forex(minimum investment 1000euros)

The third area you should seriously consider investing in is Forex (currency market). This market is a truthful market compared to the stock market and is actually much bigger. We all need to have liquid assets, it's difficult to buy goods and services with gold and property. The good thing about the forex market is you can quickly change your investment from one currency to another and even have multi currency accounts to hedge your risk. You will also make alot more money with forex, than in stocks (think compounding effect here)

Business(minimum investment $299)

The fourth area of investment I think is very worthwhile and constantly encourage is starting your own business. Globalisation has receded by two thirds. In the future small local businesses with niche markets are going to do well. It has never been a better time to turn your passion into a full time business. My favourite is an internet business because it is incredibly cheap and easy to grow. If it doesn't go the way you planned then you have lost almost nothing but gained a huge amount of knowledge.

I have put together this very simple wealth building guide because most people really don't know where to start and are constantly bombarded with advertising especially at the moment. You may have also realised that it is not that expensive to start investing.

Although I have put links to my favourite investments you can do your own homework in the four areas above and choose your own investments. It is supposed to be a broad guide and can be changed to suite however be aware that I have chosen the categories because of the volatile times we are presently in. I feel you would be wise to follow the guidance above.

Ten Essentials to become wealthy, successful and happy

1. The most important is AWARENESS. I split awareness into external and internal. Please note I am splitting it up because while we use our minds we pigeon hole everything. Awareness just is and therefore cannot be split into categories. But for the sake of making it easier to understand I have split it into these two areas. External awareness I have already talked about. You can get more information on my pay off debt page. Basically we are talking about anything that will effect your daily life while here on planet earth. Do not confuse awareness with what you think you know to be true. The truth can be a very hard thing to find. It is frequently under several layers of falshoods and very often is like that so other people can have control and power over you. Areas which you should be most concerned about are religion, government, relationships, the work ethic and media.

DO NOT believe everything you are told. Much of the population are conditioned and believe stuff because "that's just the way it is" Hopefully my pay off debt page will start to open your eyes enough, not just to the whole debt game but other areas of your life too.

Ok, what about the other side of awareness, the internal side. Well again we have all been conditioned as children to believe certain things. Before a child reaches 6 years old and certainly before 12 years old they are like little sponges soaking up what mum, dad family and friends tell them. It doesn't matter if it's true or not they will believe it.

Furthermore they will form beliefs about different things 'to keep them safe' as children. These beliefs are quite often inappropriate or disempowering in adult life and is why many people are not happy and successful. Becoming more aware of this by 'witnessing' your reaction to everything in life will empower you and help you lead the type of life you want. A fantastic product which will help you become more aware is holosync. You can get a free cd here.

2. You will only be able to achieve success, wealth and happiness if you set goals. Please do not underestimate the power of goal setting. We are all creative beings and therefore must have goals to work on. By thinking about your goals on a daily basis you will constantly send messages to your subconscious mind about what you want to achieve in your life. Your subconscious mind has to go about reaching those goals. It has no reasoning, it must do what the conscious mind tells it. This of course is why you have constantly got to be more aware(number one) of what you are thinking. If you want to achieve a particular goal and in the background you are thinking that you don't have the skill or knowledge to achieve it, then guess what, you won't! Awareness is the key even when goal setting.

3. Modelling - it is always extremely handy to have a successful person to model yourself on. Actually it's good to have several. Although it would be good to actually know these people in person it's not always possible. You can read about them and follow what they are doing online. It is important that you know why you are modelling yourself on a particular person. What personality trait or positive quality do you want to copy to achieve YOUR goals. Remember you are not copying any idiosyncracies they might have!! You do not want to turn into a Richard Branson or Duncan Bannatyne clone. You are modelling particular qualities that you need to achieve your goals.

4. Center yourself. This again is related to awareness and who you really are. Your life is the way it is because of your beliefs, strategies, view of the world and so on. If you are unhappy it is coming from within you. Likewise if you want to be a certain way then it is up to you. It is important that you do not rely on anything outside of yourself, especially government, religion, media, relationships and so on. Center yourself each morning and KNOW that you are the creator of your own life. Fear and worry are learned emotions. Face them full on everyday and realise these two horrible emotions are just that. they cannot harm you! You are perfectly safe. Overcome them and lead the life you want to lead. Again to feel centered and in charge of your own life is closely connected to awareness.

5. Reduce procrastination - We have all procrastinated but some people seem to be really 'good' at it. They never get off the starting blocks because they are afraid or fearful. Usually they are afraid of failure and therefore never move forward. It really is better to take a step in the wrong direction than no step at all. I don't know if you have ever noticed but when you move forward, even if it is in the wrong direction, everything changes around you and you meet new people and opportunities start flowing towards you. When you stay in the same place or around the same people (energy) for a long period of time your life begins to stagnate. We need change to survive and to inject energy into our lives.

6. Failure - closely connected to procrastination - remember you actually need failure so you can learn. Do not be afraid of it. Invite it. Accept you will fail (ie learn) many times before you approach the sort of life that you want. Remember what Henry Ford said "One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again."

7. Persistence - of course this is related to failure. If people gave up everytime they failed we would not be able to achieve very much. People constantly play a game of good must win over evil, rich must win over poverty, happiness must win over sadness and so on. They take each of these pairs of opposites and treat them as totally separate as if you must only have the good, not the bad and so on. Life is not like that. You must have the up with the down because they are essentially the opposite of the same thing. They are there so you can guage your progress but please note you will never 'get there'. You will always have sadness, poverty and so on. They are the opposite polarities which make the 'good' possible on planet earth. It is actually the way you perceive a situation which makes it good or bad, not the situation itself.

8. Time Management and the 80:20 rule - this is a simple but very effective technique. Once mastered it will change your life for the better. It is extremely important that you are 'centered' on a daily basis and not rushed or overly stressed. You must never ever multi task!!!

9. Flexibility. Life constantly changes, you are not just the instrument that all change works through, you are the actual change itself. You must go with it and not resist. It is the resistance that causes you to feel unhappy. We usually get stuck because of fear and procrastination (see above). Many times we resist things because they do not fit our beliefs. A better way to look at things is 'if I do this will it be resourceful to me'. Be careful with this one because your ego/personality will give you all sorts of excuses for staying in your present 'safe' position. Remember what I said about moving forward anyway, even if it is the wrong thing to do. You need failure in your life to learn from. Don't forget however that you have your goals to work from. Even though you can be flexible you must keep your goals firmly in view.

10. Happiness is your ultimate goal...dont forget that...this site is about the pursuit of internal and external wealth with the ultimate aim of happiness. Dont forget internal wealth, it is the most important because it is who you really are, not your ego or personality ie related to external things. It will also help you realise your goals and ultimate happiness much more quickly than external wealth. External wealth will help you to be happy while you are here but ONLY if you have worked on the internal stuff. Awareness is the key.

If I was asked if there was one element of my life that had made the biggest contribution to my happiness it wouldn't be money. It would be awareness, the awareness of who I really am.

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