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The third edition of Ultimate Wealth Tips Newsletter
August 21, 2010

In This Issue

1. Apology.

2. New Products.

3. Why you should welcome crisis and failure. A 'new' model of understanding.


Welcome to the July/August edition of Ultimate wealth Tips newsletter. First of all let me apologise for not sending out a separate July issue but I was travelling and involved in business issues which took most of my time and energy. I also realised that during July and August many of you may be taking a summer holiday and perhaps wouldn't have the time to read my newsletter anyway.

New Products

Ok, onwards and upwards. Good news. I am developing a range of my own products/services for Ultimate Wealth Made Easy. I have seen a real need for several products/services and will be developing them over the coming months.

Only subscribers to this newsletter, ie you, will be entitled to buy all the products for half price for a limited period once launched. Products/services will include mp3 downloads about awareness, what is REALLY going on in the world and how you can directly profit from it. It will also include reasons you are not free and ways to help you become free including offshore strategies.

This leads onto my second product which will be a download of 'freedom documents' eg your name copyright, Notice of Understanding and Intent of Claim of right and so on. These are extremely powerful documents and can be used when you contact the authorities with regards to taxation, speeding/parking tickets and so on. I will also have information about various offshore investments which you will be able to take part in.

The last product/service will be a much reduced inner circle type 'membership' where you will be able to obtain everything I've mentioned plus more.

Needless to say the products and services I will be offering will be extremely powerful and not what the authorities would like you to know about. This will also mean you have a certain responsibilty to use them wisely and not to exert power over others.

Why Should You Welcome Crisis and Failure?

One of the areas in life that I know from experience will go a long way to helping you become happy and wealthy is spiritual and personal growth. Once your in 'the zone' and can be there regularly you will experience extreme joy and happiness and become so intuitive that you know exactly where you are going in life and how to dramatically increase your wealth at the same time.

In the May issue of UWT I mentioned something called Your Internal Map of Reality. I want to briefly mention this concept again as it is important for the remainder of this newsletter. The internal map of reality is what Bill Harris speaks about when he refers to his products at Holosync. Bill has a very good way of putting things across. He says that your internal map of reality will generalise, distort and delete incoming information which comes from your five senses. Your internal map of reality is in fact the concept you have of yourself. It is your ego or personality. It is based on beliefs you have about everything which came mainly from your childhood, but also your adult years. The important thing about your internal map of reality is it will only allow information in which will directly align with your beliefs.

If you think fox hunting is bad you will only allow information in from your five senses which will reinforce this view. In other words you will delete distort and generalise incoming information to make your belief about fox hunting true. This is of course why people will have a discussion about an issue and everyone will have a different opinion and none of the opinions presented is neccessarily based on truth. Everyone has their own unique internal map of reality. In 99.9% of the population this internal map of reality is used unconsciously.

Leading on from this I want to focus on the work of a guy called Ilya Prigogine, whose study of open systems won him the Nobel Prize in 1977 for chemistry. Please don't switch off, this next bit is really important if you want to 'evolve into a higher order' An open system is something that reacts with its environment eg. a germinating seed, a highway, a corporation, a social system or the ultimate open system, a HUMAN BEING.

From Bill Harris's book 'Thresholds of The Mind' "Prigogine proved his hypothesis that order emerges not in spite of chaos but because of it, that evolution and growth are the inevitable product of open systems slipping into temporary chaos and then reorganising at higher levels of complexity-and higher levels of functioning."

Furthermore, "such systems take in energy and matter from the environment, but more important, they dissipate the resulting entropy (disorder/chaos) from the system and into the environment."

In other words we actually need stress/chaos and failure to evolve, to grow, to function at a higher level. The important point I want to demonstrate using proven science is how we deal with this chaos. If we deal with it the wrong way we will remain at a lower functioning level and repeat the same steps many times until we 'get it' or not, or we can deal with it the right way and evolve into this higher level. This is Universal Law or Gods Law.

Never has there been such an opportunity as there is today to evolve and grow

Ok, let me explain a little more about open systems to make it easier for you to understand. Prigogine called open systems that operate this way dissipative structures. Dissipative structures, that is you, in order to maintain their existence must interact with their environments, by continually maintaining the flow of energy into and out of the system. There is an upper limit of how much entropy(chaos) they can cope with. I think we have all felt those times. If the input continues to exceed the systems ability to dissipate the necessary entropy there comes a point (bifurcation point) when the system becomes unstable and will either totally breakdown and cease to exist or reorganise at a higher level. There is a tried and tested way of reorganising at this higher level. That tried and tested way is by using holosync.

There are other ways but they take much longer and involve traditional meditation. The important point about this higher level(the new you) is that it is a completely new system, independent of the old system. It can now handle input from the environment that caused the old system to become overwhelmed and break down. If this new system receives input that it can't handle then the same process happens again.

Personal growth (and personal suffering) become much easier to understand when using this model. Core beliefs and old ways of dealing with situations become overwhelmed by changing input from your environment. These old attitudes and habits just don't work anymore and must change. The problem people have, again 99.9% of the population is that they confuse their internal map of reality or ego or personality with themselves.

It's Not

It is just a concept, very like the equator is a concept, you can't see it, it doesn't physically exist. It is only used so we can understand other concepts to do with longitute and latitude. Similarly your ego or internal map of reality is only a concept and is used to understand other concepts.

But it is NOT REAL!

Therefore when they feel overwhelm (ie the open system trying to function at a higher level) they confuse this internal map of reality with themselves and RESIST the turmoil. When you do this you will not evolve into a higher level. This is of course what most of the population do and remain in their present worry/fear reality. The trick is to become the watcher. This is the most important thing you can do. Disassociate yourself from what is happening. Watch your ego/personality and if possible focus on something more positive than the feelings of chaos. You must stand back in your mind and watch yourself become angry/depressed/anxious and not resist. Just be aware of it.

Well, that's all for this month. I hope this short newsletter helps at least some of you to realise that your perception of yourselves is not real and therefore perhaps you can focus on what you really want from life. I have kept it short because of the holidays. Take care and I will speak next month.


Ultimate Wealth Made Easy

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