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the first edition of Ultimate Wealth Tips Newsletter
May 07, 2010

First of all thank you for signing up for Ultimate Wealth Tips (UWT) and please allow me to apologise for taking so long to write the first UWT newsletter.

Secondly, now that I have got here and started writing I have realised there is so much to tell you that I don't know where to start. One of the reasons is I don't know what you as an individual need in your life at the moment and what you want from this newsletter and indeed what information you expect to see on the ultimate wealth site. Fortunately, spurred on by world events I think it is important to begin with a 50,000 feet picture as we are fast approaching some very 'interesting' times. Therefore I will make a positive start in that direction.

Ok, so here we go, if you have been on the site recently you probably have picked up that my name is Maxwell Hill and I am editor of Ultimate Wealth Made Easy (UWME). I still haven't got round to writing an "about me" page yet. I am originally from the UK. I am now a perpetual traveller and became so because of the restrictions put on me by the UK government, not just in terms of taxation but the restrictiveness of rules and regulations which at the time of leaving I thought I had to adhere to. If you want to read about why I don't and also why you don't I cover this further down and also in my latest article wake up.

Although the site is very new and still along way from being finished, if a site is ever finished, you may have picked up the true purpose of it. It is about true or ultimate wealth, freedom and the personal attributes required to reach those goals and the road map that I followed and indeed am still following today. I defined ultimate wealth as both internal (awareness,peace,love,freedom and compassion) and external (property, cars, money, luxury holidays and anything else you want) wealth.

My argument is that you must have both to be truly happy. Happiness is of course our ultimate goal. One of the biggest problems we have in our society today is the conditioned attitude that having lots of money will ultimately make you happy. This is not the case and my website is an attempt to help people understand that, although money is very important in our present 'corrupt fiat money' system we need to examine other areas of our life too. Have you ever asked yourself a question like:

If there was no such thing as money, for example if only a barter system existed, what would make me happy, do I have any goals or dreams?

The pursuit of wealth is an admirable one but not at the exclusion of everything else.

To help you attain this goal I will be writing to you on a monthly basis about subjects such as government and their true purpose, personal sovereignty and freedom, how you can profit in such a changing world, personal development including awareness, fear and anxiety, international travel and so on. This list is not exhaustive but should give you a rough idea about what's to come. I will go into detail on a subject each month but for now a 50,000 feet overview:

Wealth Personal Development and Awareness

As we go through life we will make mistakes, it's absolutely essential that we do so we can learn from them. If we don't learn from those mistakes we will keep making them, very often similar mistakes to previous ones until eventually it's so obvious (to some) that we have to change the way we think and more importantly change our beliefs about different things. In a nutshell we have to change our thoughts and beliefs to more resourceful ones.

Many people think that we have a thought and then we have a reaction, for example

A motorist pulls out in front of you causing you to swerve and your reaction may be to honk your horn and shout 'idiot' in his direction.

People think it is a two stage process.

The motorist pulls out in front of you and then you react.

It's not, it's actually a three stage process:

1. motorist pulls out in front of you;

2. you assess the situation in an instant using beliefs that you have accumulated over years, many of which were forced upon you as a child and that are running at an unconscious and automatic level;

3. you then react in a certain way, honk your horn, get angry shout 'idiot' and so on.

The second process runs completely below the surface at an unconscious level and it is this 'map of reality' or belief system that has to be changed to a more resourceful map or blueprint if we are to be more successful and lead the life we want.

This map of reality generalises, distorts and deletes information coming in from your 5 senses to make 'your reality' fit your beliefs. This is why 2 people can argue about an issue, have completely different views and still both be wrong. It is there individual maps of reality that are the problem. It is stage 2 that is the key to running a happy and successful life. It is the truth of a situation you must actively realise and not the situation according to your belief system. It is all about awareness. It is about watching this process and seeing how you react in every situation.

When you can watch ie witness this happening at every moment you have cracked it. You are developing awareness. This will take time and perseverance. It will help you become wealthy and set you free. You cannot keep doing something that is no longer resourceful to you. Witnessing is the key. All wealthy and successful people through the ages have been good at this. They have a superior level of awareness. A good way of becoming more aware and witnessing is by using highly effective meditation techniques. Please have a look at this awareness article which goes into greater detail.

You can't control the car driver pulling out on you but you can control how you react and this is the major point I would like to make.

Your reality comes from inside you.

You can change that reality by changing your belief system or map of reality. On my site I talk about this awareness.

Ok, so we shouldn't control other peoples' lives and how they react eg.the other car driver. We should not interfere with the decisions he has made unless of course it really starts to impact on your life or someone else and you are concerned for your or anothers safety. However there are areas outside of our lives that could be improved just by having more knowledge or indeed the truth....

"The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate" - Dr. Wayne Dyer

This bring me to the second area I want to focus on in this newsletter.

The Truth and Knowledge

"The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either" - Benjamin Franklin

All through the ages man has had to fight for his freedom....never has this been more true as it is today. We are in the midst of a most terrible time where our freedom is being constructively stripped away from within by the very people (government) who are supposed to be looking after us and the majority of people are allowing it to happen because of a lack of will power and knowledge. And it's set to get worse.

When I set out on my quest to become wealthy I thought that was my main goal and everything I did on a daily basis revolved round that goal. However as I become more aware, I realised that my goal of being wealthy was a good one but something was missing and of course that was freedom.

On a daily basis I felt restricted - I was still working for someone else and I also didn't feel I had any personal power. I was prevented by my own belief system to live my life the way I wanted. I had a family and a 'good' job but something didn't feel right. Well awareness came slowly, my conditioned beliefs slowly changed to more resourceful ones but there was still this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I wasn't free. For many years I felt trapped and insignificant, after all what could I do to become free. I would be coming up against the government and statutes.

Statutes and I choose that word carefully were churned out on what felt like a daily basis, I felt hemmed in and unhappy. Yes I left the country and started to travel, but it was only then that I started to uncover some very interesting information that I believe everyone on the planet should know about.....

We have all been lied to.....

When you were born your parents registered your birth because they thought they had somewhere it says you "must" register the birth of...The word "must" actually means "may" when used within the parameters of commercial law. If you think that is devious wait to you here the next bit.

When your parents register your birth, what they are actually doing, unknown to them is registering a fictitious entity ie a corporation, in your name. To distinguish the corporation from you, the living breathing sentient man, it is printed in capital letters eg JOE BLOGGS. Although the capital letters are important it is the registered number that is attached to your name that is significant. All transactions from that day forth are with your corporation JOE BLOGGS as opposed to Joe Bloggs living breathing sentient man.

Of course what government, courts and banks and so on try to make you believe is that the corporation and the human being are one and the same thing. They do this by not telling your parents what they are actually doing. They are not the same and that gives you a huge amount of personal power. Check your credit cards, birth certificate and so on everything is in capital letters (or preceded by the word Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms etc) and has a registered number.

A corporation cannot contract, only a human being can, however all your documents, your mortgage, loans, credit cards, marriage certificate, driving license, passport and so on are in the name of the corporation. Furthermore 'statutes' which government churn out almost daily only apply to corporations not the living breathing sentient man.

"A Statute is a rule created by a representative governing body of a society designed to create common goals, which carries the force of law by the consent of the governed."

Read the last bit again "... by the consent of the governed", this is where your power lies. You are the governed because you are not the government. A statute only carries force of law upon you if you consent to it. If you do not give your consent, a statute cannot affect you in any way whatsoever. However they are devious about getting your consent

If you ever go to court, you are summoned, you don't have to go because it is an 'invitation' (see below) If you do go the judge will try to identify you as the "person" (see below), by asking if you are Mr Mrs Miss or Ms. If you agree you have then entered into a contract with the court. You are not the person, you are the living breathing sentient man or woman. He will also ask you if you understand the question and why you are there. See below what 'understand ' means. You are agreeing to stand under his authority and again you enter into a contract.

Must knows:

'summons' means invitation

'statute' only applies to a person, not a man or woman

'person' is a legal concept both permitting rights to and imposing duties on one by law

'understand' means to stand under which means giving authority over.

Natural and common law applies to a man or woman, ie you inherently know what is right and wrong. Statutes apply to the artificial person only when a man or woman consents to identifying themselves with the person.

Consent can be given by inaction as well. And that's precisely what we have all been doing, because of a lack of knowledge.

This is only a summary and hopefully I have written enough to get you thinking about who you really are and how much personal power you really have. There is a hierarchy of power which cannot be changed unless by your consent! By being silent you are giving your consent. That hierarchy is this....

God created man, man created government(incl courts,banks and so on) and government created your fiction at the registration of your birth. Man stands under God, government stands under man and our fiction/strawman/corporation stands under Government.

Your government has no jurisdiction over you, that is the living breathing sentient man or woman.

They only have rights over your fiction. They are NOT the same thing! It's time we all joined together, realised our divine rights and showed this unity. If you want to do your own research some useful search keywords are: birth bond, strawman, UCCI Finance Statement, personal sovereignty. You tube videos are also a fantastic resource. If you want to know more you can also join The Liberty Wealth Club which will provide all the information you need to become free. It will also give you access to offshore investment opportunities that your government doesn't want you to know about.

I hope you have enjoyed my first newsletter. I will send them out on a monthly basis. If you require more information please contact us. Till next time

Kind Regards,


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