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The September Edition of Ultimate Wealth Tips Newsletter
September 27, 2010

In This Issue

1. New Service.

2. Turning Thoughts into Miracles

New Service

Welcome to the September issue of Ultimate Wealth Tips. I have been busy creating and preparing a new service which is our very own offshore seminars. You can find out more about Ultimate Seminars here.

Turning Thoughts into Miracles

For this issue of UWT and issues to come I want to concentrate on the traits you need to acquire to help you become successful and more importantly happy and successful. I have mentioned the first three below and will continue with them next month.

I get many people during my coaching sessions who tell me that they want to be happy or that they want to be rich and so on.....what the majority of the population don't realise is that you employ similar techniques to reach these apparently different end goals. In fact if you employ these techniques you will most likely 'kill two birds with one stone' you will achieve both wealth and happiness. Allow me to explain.

The most efficient way to achieve this is to lead a purpose driven life. 99% of the population are living in servitude to government (and therefore the global elite), employers, religion, media, education and so on. They are not fulfilling their own purpose, the reason they were sent here. They are leading conditioned work ethic types of lives. They are not living a lifestyle of their choosing. In fact many people have not even really sat down and thought about a lifestyle of their choice. One of the reasons for this is just plain and simple 'habit'.

If everyone else is struggling for money around them and work is difficult to find well it seems ok. It seems like we are all in the same boat and therefore it is ok for us to struggle too. Safety in a situation they know and understand and safety in numbers. I'm sorry but that is a typical 'sheep' mentality. If enough people do it then it must be right, it must be ok, it is the safest way to do things. And of course the majority of people won't live a purpose driven life and break free from this conditioned existence because of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Would it surprise you to know that in spite of 'the recession' I make more money now than I did previously. I don't say this to gloat, but I do say it to try to get you to snap out of this illusion that everyone seems to be living in. Oh the economy is bad so we will just have to ride it out. You will have to ride it out because your life and 'the economy' are being controlled by other people, who incidently don't give a stuff about you. Stop letting outside influences control your life. It is time to lead a purpose driven life. It is time to develop your own economy. It is time to become completely self-reliant.

Ok, so how do you do this? After all many people don't know what they are passionate about or don't know how to turn a passion such as knitting, collecting sea shells, sport/fitness and so on into a lifestyle. Well the simplest way is to start an internet business. It costs peanuts, can be worked on part time and you don't have to give up your main income immediately.

The hardest thing for most people then is to find a passion. It may take several minutes or several months. It must be something that you get excited about. It must be something that sends endorphines through your system when you think about it. You may even want to cry. Yes you have to be passionate about it to that extent to help you through all the ups and downs that you are going to experience. So then number one is find a passion -

1. A Passion. You could also call it Definiteness of Purpose;

How are you going to make 100,000euros per year or become a millionaire. It has to be something that excites the pants of you! It is also possible that you will give up just yards from 'gold' This has happened to most successful people. Remember you are here to learn and it is important that you learn from these failures and don't become disillusioned. It is not the failure that is important but your attitude to it. Many people don't realise that the seed of success is always in the failure itself. The bigger the failure the larger the seed of success. Remember that we are the masters of our own fates because we have the power to control out thoughts.

The second most important attribute you must have is -

2. A Burning Desire;

This is very much linked to your passion, however it goes further, you must allow yourself no retreat, you must cut off all ways you could change your mind or do something else just in case. If you don't do this you will find that you are not focused on your passion. A typical example I could give you was when I was trying to build two small businesses at the same time. I couldn't get super passionate about either. I was like a rabbit stuck in the headlights of a car. I couldn't focus because I had too much on my plate. In the end I was exhausted and didn't have very much to show for my time. It was a steep learning curve for me but I did learn from it which was the important point. Furthermore you must turn this burning desire into what you really want. It is important that you:

a. Fix the exact amount of money in your mind if it is money you want. eg. One million euros;

b. What will you give in return? You have to give back, this is universal law. Nothing is for free eg. giving back a useful product or service;

c. Establish a date when you want this money;

d. Create a definate plan and start at once whether ready or not;

e. You must write all the above down in a summary statement;

f. Read your summary statement twice/day out loud. Really believe what you are reading. Read it once on waking and once before you go to bed at night.

3. Persistence;

This is of course your will. You must exert your willpower over your burning desire. When things are tough and your passion and desire is put to the test you must exert an iron will to carry you through. Many people throw their dreams and desires out the window the first time they are tested. Many will give up when someone says 'no' to them. This is where a steely willpower will carry you through. Don't mix this up with a 'bone headed attitude' to carry on when even you know deep down something is not going to work. When you are being persistent because things aren't quite working out the way you had planned, you still know deep down that you have chosen the right passion. It is so important that you have a burning desire for your passion so that it is easier to develop a strong persistence.

Ok, that's it for this month, I will continue to list the important traits to make you successful and happy next month. Hopefully I have helped a few of you to see why you are not happy if that is the case. Remember if that is the case it is possible that you will have to change your life drastically by developing a passion that you can follow with a burning desire. You will have to turn your life upside down. Change is good, no matter how scary!

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