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Here is Decembers issue of Ultimate Wealth Tips
January 03, 2011

The December Issue of Ultimate Wealth Newsletter

In This Issue

1. Intro and my future blog;

2. The real cost of not investing in yourself first!

I hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year.

As the ultimate wealth site expands and more content is added I have realised that there is a need for part of the site to be dedicated to actual travelling experiences and the opportunities that I or my team uncover from doing so. As many of you are aware I am a perpetual traveller(as are some of my team) and my experiences and business/investment opportunies that I uncover on those travels are a very large part of the satisfaction and happiness that I feel in life. This is a very private part of my life but I feel that the message ultimate wealth is trying to get over(internal and external wealth/freedom) could be further clarified and enhanced if I share my actual experiences with you. Therefore I hope that by the end of the year I will have set up a blog which will be attached to the site and which you can read about the different countries I visit and one or two little investment gems that I uncover. This also leads me onto a subject I want to talk about in this newsletter and that is 'working on' oneself. This of course is the key to success and happiness but something that many miss out to their future cost in both happiness and financial gain.

The real cost of not investing in yourself first!

Not only is doing what you enjoy important it is absolutely compulsory to work on oneself if you are to achieve long term happiness and success. It is extremely difficult for most to achieve goals in life because of the disfunctional behaviour/thinking that we all suffer from, the 'programs' that are running subconsciously underneath our lives and that we are completely unaware of but which are preventing many from realising their dreams and ambitions. I have spent the last few years working on my 'disfunctional programs' or should I say becoming more aware of them. When you become aware of unresourceful thinking or behaviour you simply cannot keep doing it. I can assure you that not only am I happier and correspondingly much more wealthy but I am much more effective as a human being in every area of my life, from business deals to personal relationships.

While I am not saying that it is necessary to travel constantly as I do, what is stopping people from travelling and experiencing new places on a much more regular basis than the annual summer event? It can't be money because it is so much cheaper to travel today than ever before. Unless of course you are living beyond your means in the first place which I feel does account for a rather large proportion of the population. And the really worrying thing is they don't even know it. They have been indoctrinated by 'materialistic education,' the buy now pay later philosophy which inevitably becomes the buy now pay for the rest of your life philosophy.

Another reason put forward for not having the time to travel or do what you really want to do is responsibilities like a mortgage or family commitments. The scenario of responsibility or having to do something especially a job or career that is perhaps sucking the life out of you because of financial commitments is not a new one. This 'responsibility' has been carefully conditioned into generations by the ruling elite eg. the protestant work ethic which actually has it's roots in the days of slavery. When you become truly aware and waken up to reality you will realise that those days of slavery are still here. The whole illusion is much more sophisticated today but all the signs are there. Seeking out the truth is a scary proposition for most people and can be difficult when there is a daily onslaught of lies and deceit by media and politicians. To discover that many of our core institutions (think banks) and many of our own belief systems are built on a mountain of lies and deceit perpetuated by those that are supposed to be looking after us begs the question, why are we not looking out for ourselves?

Choosing to ignore or not to look for the truth, however, can only be temporary and as we are now in 2011 and heading towards 2012 the truth is going to be so obvious because it's going to slap us in the face with a big 'wake up' call. Whether we are talking about the manufactured economic crisis or the turning of western countries into police states and the new world order indoctrination, the truth can be conceiled for a very long time but not for ever. Politicians and institutions can pass off their lies and corruption as reality for decades, centuries if necessary. But like a great storm, the truth will eventually surface and wash away their fraud. That time is approaching very quickly.

Even mortgages which have increased one thousand fold over the last 20yrs or so are designed to keep you in servitude (mort-gage is French for death-pledge) ie I have to work for most of my life to pay it off. When you realise that there is no debt in the first place and that the fictitous debt was manufactured and paid off immediately by monetising your signature you are starting to waken up. Of course even if you do feel you have an obligation to make regular payments towards your mortgage(because you don't want to lose your property which never actually belonged to you in the first place - check your deeds, you are only a tenant) renting it out and being mortgage free for a while is an option which again most are too lazy and afraid to try. They are so conditioned into the 'reality' of the daily grind.

The conditioning of mankind is of course big business and has been for centuries. This is why the expansion of the spiritual or essence of man/woman has been deliberately ignored. The expansion of the spirit or soul, the real you which is all knowing, peaceful,loving and joyful has been ignored. The ego, false self, the personality which you perceive as yourself but which is nothing more than a belief system instilled in you by well meaning but unaware parents and peers while you were very young has been further 'worked on' by consumerism, education, media, government and so on so that a large part of the population especially in the west are anxious, dependent, disfunctional and fearful. Just ask yourself this. Are you truly happy? Is there some niggling feeling that things are not quite right? If there is this is your real self, your soul trying to tell you something is wrong and you need to sort it out.

Of course we have many groups which 'fight' for equality or freedom or such like. These liberation movements making public their unhappiness and disgust at the system which caters for the majority and dominates and exploits minority groups. While their intentions are to be commended what they actually do is reinforce the false identification with oneself eg I am a homosexual or I am black. The real being is just that, a point of consciousness. It surely doesn't matter whether you are gay, black, or believe in extra terrestials. The belief system which you perceive is yourself is nothing more than a set of 'programs' running on automatic in your subconscious. This is of course why your 'reality' while here in the physical plain is sometimes not what you want it to be. A typical set of programs might be saying "don't leave your job because you won't get another, then you will not be able to pay the bills, then you won't be able to feed your family" even when you are completely miserable and dislike your job intensely. Leaving your job could quite possibly be the best thing you have ever done but you have been pre-programmed to think of the worst case scenario only.

Another might be "I'm not going to say sorry to him/her because of what he/she said the last time we spoke". If you notice these programs always are in the future or past but never function in the present. This is because they are nothing more than the false self or ego which has taken over much of the thinking of modern man/woman. The mind/thinking/intellect is a useful tool to be used for practical purposes and nothing more. The constant playing out of very often fearful and anxious scenarios is the false self out of control. As I said previously this false self is further worked on by external influences in the form of media, government and education so that you remain in your present impoverished and fearful position, better the devil you know is it not? The real you only exists in the present and is loving joyful resourceful and complete! Get in touch with the real you and everything else starts to fall into place including your financial wealth!

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Another common scenario: have you ever thought to yourself that once you get something or achieve something you will be happy. If you don't achieve it then your perceived unhappiness comes from this non achievement but if you do achieve it inevitably your happiness is short lived and you continue to strive for the next goal or level of income. When you get guessed it you're still not happy. You see the quality of our happiness and indeed the time period you are happy is small because it is based on material gains and this physical world we live in with no thought for your spiritual happiness.

In reality we are trying to fulfill this spiritual unhappiness with material gain and by material gain I mean everything from income to sex and drugs.

Don't get me wrong we do live in a physical world therefore having nice things and monetary wealth is important but ITS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT!

If you take a fish out of water it doesn't matter how much you give it, it will never be happy because it needs water to live in. Why then do people try to live by material means only when they are also spirit. They have a part to them that ' not of this world' as Jesus said. Why then don't we 'feed' the spiritual side of ourselves? The most amazing events will happen when you do. You will become less inhibited, more focused, you will untie yourself from what society thinks you should be doing. You will become more purposeful, more dynamic, more energetic and in touch with who you really are and what you want from life. You will always come from a neutral perspective, you will not carry across negative 'programs' or beliefs from your false self. In a nutshell you will function like a realised human being and the millionaire that you always have been.

It was once said that all mans' problems derive from not being able to sit peacefully without thinking. So how do we cultivate and develop a much needed spirituality or centredness. In essence how do we become realised human beings? If you read my spiritual wealth page it gives some ideas but in summary you must learn to sit in a room on your own with the door shut, no external stimulation, just you, no thoughts. You must learn to cultivate the witness in you, the all knowing soul or essence of a person which is connected to everything. Once you start to do this - and it will take time - you will be surprised how many goals are realised or just fall away because you didn't really want them in the first place. To gain anything in life you do have to be disciplined and work at it but in the case of developing your true self it is the last thing you will ever have to work hard at!

Till next time


Ultimate Wealth

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