Why do we Pay off Debt Twice?

To pay off debt seems to be on everyones mind these days, and of course it is an admirable and conscientuous thing to do. However what would you say if I told you that the debt was paid off the moment you SIGNED the loan application form.

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Almost all money is borrowed into existence!

The mechanism of banking is counterfeiting. Of course this is why the global monetary system is in such a mess. You cannot keep borrowing money into existence. It has to have a real value (for example exchanging it for gold or silver as we once could). The money we use today does not have any value. Our government tells us that it has but it is worthless. Furthermore the interest charged on the borrowed amount has to be borrowed to pay off debt interest which has to be borrowed to pay off debt interest which has......

Can you see the problem?

Governments perpetuating this system will never pay off their national debt. Of course they never were supposed to pay off debt like this. Governments are being held to ransom by the ruling elite, the IMF and World Bank. Our illustrious leaders have sold us all down the river, unless of course we know the truth about debt and who we really are....

We have been deceived into believing that we have been lent other depositors money. So good is the scam that people find it difficult to understand that the money they think they borrowed doesn't actually exist and was only an electronic credit to a transaction account in their NAME. (The capital letters are significant, I'll explain later) It is only monetised credit using your SIGNATURE.

In other words the application form with your SIGNATURE becomes the promissory note (credit note). This means when you pay off debt, it has actually been paid already, you are paying twice. You then have to pay interest on a 'loan' that doesn't exist. Furthermore the banksters will use your signature without your knowledge and monetise up to 9 times the value of the original application. Ask a banker about this and he will probably feign sickness and go scurrying off back to his den.

"Those at the top of the pyramid are the manipulators of human consciousness. They are sentient programs with no soul." David Icke

Let's get practical about the 'pay off debt' problem. Send a letter to your bank and ask them to provide the following:

1. validation of the debt(the actual accounting) - they can't do this because they never sustained a loss;

2. verification of their claim against you (a sworn affidavit or even just a signed invoice) - the bank can't validate the debt because they never sustained a loss; they can't verify any claim against you because you are not the NAME they are billing - more on this later;

3. a copy of the contract binding both parties - they can't produce a copy of the contract because one doesn't exist. What exists is an unenforceable unilateral contract. What the bank refers to as 'your contract with us' is not a valid bilateral agreement since the four requirements of a lawful, binding contract were not met on the loan 'application', that is:

- Full Disclosure (we are not told that we are creating the credit with our signature);

- Equal Consideration (they bring nothing to the table, hence they have nothing to lose);

- Lawful Terms and Conditions (they are based upon fraud); and

- Signatures of the Parties (corporations can't sign because they have no right to contract as they are legal fictions). Loans and especially credit cards are a win/win for the banks and lose/lose for everyone else - it is the biggest scam on the planet.

Do you still want to pay off debt that doesn't exist?

When you receive a reply from the banksters it will not include any of the information you requested. They will do anything than admit the truth because if they do that the whole scam falls apart.

It is the biggest scam on the planet and is made possible by another scam.....

The Birth Certificate scam.

Your parents are told they "must" register your birth. In legalise "must" means may. The birth certificate is actually the birth of your FICTION or CORPORATION in your NAME denoted by capital letters. The area or state you live in sells the birth certificate to the Commerce Department of the corporations of USA, CA or UK and so on depending where you live which in turn places a bond on the birth certificate thereby making it a negotiable instrument, and placing your fiction or corporation, called a STRAWMAN, into the warehouse of the corporations of USA, CA, UK etc. Representation for the created fiction was given to the BAR (British Accredited Registry/Regency), owned and operated by the Crown, for the purpose of contracting the fiction (which most of us think is ourselves!!!!!) into a third party action.

Do not underestimate the power behind this trick.

It is to con us into contracting with the authorities so that they can 'legally' confiscate our property. All these contracts have only our signatures on them because corporate fictions cannot contract (only natural beings have the right to contract - and the right not to contract). Because there is no full disclosure - we are never told that we have just signed away what we believe to be our property - these contracts are fraudulent, and hence, we are still the lawful owner and the profit earned by the authorities from selling securities (our property) belongs to us and must go into a fund for our benefit. You can find much more information about this in Mary Croft's book here

Can you see how this relates directly to why you must not pay off debt twice? If not keep reading....

For many years the authorities have tried to trick us into believing that this Strawman name (which is a corporation, entity or fiction in our name denoted by capital letters) is our name. The trick is to get us to believe we are the surety for any contract involving the Strawman. The authorities created the strawman therefore any statutes, acts or regulations of any kind apply only to the strawman and not to you, the living breathing sentient man born male or female. Now that you are aware of this you will not be tricked into being held as surety for your strawman. You will not pay off debt which doesn't exist will you?

God created man, male or female, man created government/banks/courts and so on and government created the STRAWMAN. Man is under God and government is under man. The strawman is under government.

The Strawman is not you

It is a legal entity or fiction in your name denoted by capital letters. Knowing this is the source of your real power. Do not let the authorities lead you to believe that they are one in the same thing. They are completely different.

God has given man dominion over all earth....

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." King James Bible, Genesis 1:26

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." King James Bible, John 8:32

It is interesting that The King James Bible is the actual bible used in court. The truth is indeed hidden out in the open.

Why pay off debt in the form of income tax?

There is no law which requires you to pay income tax(and remember what I said earlier, the income tax the authorities collect from you is not used to pay for schools, services, hospitals and so on. It is used to pay the interest on government loans which they have borrowed from private banks to fund wars and so on which the people have no say in.)

I think the following two videos will open your eyes to the huge conditioning that has been going on for decades. You will realise that you have been conned and tricked into paying taxes. As you become more aware of the illusion that surrounds you, the need for the truth will hopefully lead you to do your own investigations....the second video follows the first.....

If the tax authorities send you a letter demanding an inflated amount of tax just send their letters back with NO CONTRACT RETURN TO SENDER written on it. Their world is based on fiction and CONTRACT LAW. Do not contract with them. If you contact them disputing the amount, in their fictional world you have contracted with them. You will probably have to return their letters several times. Each time their replies will become more threatening. They rely on peoples' fear to get paid. Remember who you are. If you want more information you can find it at Our Wealth Seminars

Why pay off debt that doesn't exist?

Debt collectors or 3rd parties have no jurisdiction over you because the 'contract' was made between you and the bank. If they write to you just tell them that. Send it recorded delivery because they quite often come back to you saying they have not heard from you. Simply state when you sent it, who signed for it, tell them they are blatantly lying and restate they have no jurisdiction as they are a third party and if they continue will be harassing you and guilty of extortion.

The system is only working for 0.001% of the population, that is the ruling elite. It isn't working for the rest of us the other 99.999%

Remove yourself from the system.....become aware of who you really are.....you are a man created male or female by God who has given you dominion over all earth. You are not your birth certificate! You do not have to pay off debt that doesn't exist.

Many powerful men like the Rothchilds, Bilderburgs, Morgans and so on decided that it would be fun to control the world and the people in it so they embarked on a plan to bribe every major power(especially USA) and to overthrow their money creating system and to hand over the responsibility of creating money to these immoral banksters. Of course we can see the result today with many countries either bankrupt or well on their way.

The actual money required to service the true functions of any government is quite small. However the banksters realised if they lent debt money to governments at high interest rates - because they no longer had their own money creating scheme - governments and the people would be enslaved to the banksters because they would never be able to pay off the debt. The banksters demanded gold be used to pay the interest on the loans. When it ran out they needed some sort of collateral.

Have you guessed what collateral they are using?

Real People....that's right....You!

They are managing to pay off debt interest by using your future labour as collateral!

This is why they want the whole population in debt, so people will 'feel' they have to work.

This is why the whole birth certificate scam came into being. It's actually quite brilliant although totally immoral. It gives you a rough idea how low these 'people' will sink.

You don't owe a penny! Do not pay off debt that doesn't exist!

You are a sovereign man born male or female. The people are led to believe that they must work harder to pay off debt and the government takes more tax off you to pay the interest on the loan to the IMF.

There is not much money needed to service the true functions of a government. The rest is extortion by the banksters.

You are not the PERSON on your birth certificate......break free!

"Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When through the process of law the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished." - 1924 US Banker's Association Magazine

"If one understands that Socialism is not a "share the wealth" program but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super rich men promoting Socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately Socialism, is not a movement of the down-trodden masses but of the economic elite." - Gary Allen

"Wars are major debt creators, which is what the banksters want - as much debt as possible - in order to collect more interest. In Canada, the income tax was implemented in 1917 as a temporary measure to pay for WW1. This is the true purpose of war and yet the people bought the ruse of either humanitarianism or worse, 'making the world safe for democracy', which is the most frightful system of government. All the players are manipulated by the banksters. They play both sides. The reason the banksters want democracy is because that is the only form of gov't which they can manipulate and control under Law Merchants. Every democracy the world has known ends in an economic downward spiral. Don't get me wrong about tyrannical dictatorships or archaic monarchies, however, when a regime is forced to change to a democracy it dies economically. Trust me, the PTB do not want democracy for our benefit; it is for theirs. Democracy is indispensable to Socialism. - V. I. Lenin

Socialism leads to Communism. - Karl Marx

To pay off debt which doesn't exist is silly. Now that you have been given a glimpse of the truth, do your own investigations. It will take you some time to become aware of the whole pay off debt scam and indeed the much bigger picture of who you really are and the huge power you have been given. I wish you true happiness and peace and the strength to overcome the fear that you will inevitably encounter discovering the whole truth. Remember FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

You can find out much more information about the pay off debt illusion, birth certificate scams and who you really are at one of our offshore seminars

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