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The October Edition of Ultimate Wealth Tips Newsletter
October 30, 2010

In This Issue

1. Turning Thoughts into Miracles (cont.)

2. Last month we launched our own Wealth Seminars. Earlier this month we launched our own Life Coaching Services. These are proving to be very popular, especially the email support option. Please go to the above links for further details.

Welcome to the October issue of Ultimate Wealth Tips. I want to continue with the 'Turning Thoughts into Miracles' theme we began in the last newsletter.

In last months newsletter I spoke about the thinking required to make one happy and successful. I said that the most important idea to move you forward in this regard was to follow a passion. Too many people are just existing and not experiencing life. They are being conditioned and manipulated by the global elite via government who in turn use the media, education, consumerism and so on to force an idea of reality onto the population. People are not following the reason they were sent here. The trick is to find out this reason and I said it was quite easy to do this by doing what makes you happy. The single biggest break through you will ever make is by just becoming more aware of your thoughts in every moment and to realise they have been conditioned into you from a very young age.

I then spoke about a passion acted on by a burning desire and persistence. In this newsletter I want to continue with those traits that you will have to be aware of in your search for happiness and success.

4. Fear; Fear has stopped more people in their tracks than any other emotion. Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. We constantly bring past conditioning and beliefs into the present situation, mix the two and become more anxious and fearful. If this is not bad enough we then imagine negative scenarios that are not based on any facts and re run them again and again in our minds until it feels impossible for us to move forward.

Fear like any other emotion can be conquered and the best way to do this is to become the witness, just watch yourself without any comment. In fact you can learn to 'bask' in the fear like you would do in the sun on a hot day. It can't harm you! When you do this regularly the grip fear has on you subsides over a period of time. Unfortunately fear is on the rise generally and is being perpetuated by the powers that be to keep you in servitude. There is a very good reason for this. Fear is a very low vibration and people cannot be creative, financially independent and realise their true states which are of course of love and joy. This means they can be easily controlled and manipulated by government and the global elite which is precisely what is happening at the present time. If you suffer from fear you can get more information here. If you want a little more information about what the illusion the global elite have cast over you, and believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg, you can go here.

5. Planning; You must make a plan if you are to be successful. If this plan fails, make another. If that one fails then make another. Many people give up just yards from success. Even wealthy, successful people have been caught out in this regard. Your plan must include getting together with like minded people who have skills that you don't have. Try not to do everything yourself because you will always be on diminishing returns. You can perhaps get away with it at the beginning while you are keeping costs to a minimum and while you are looking for your team but at some point leave stuff to people who know what they are doing. These people should either be independently wealthy, successful or both or certainly well on their way and can prove their skills.

6. Grateful; You must be grateful for everything that is happening in your life. I know this is sometimes difficult but will be alot easier if you change the way you look at things. When you realise that all suffering and pain we feel is because of our resistance to the situation and not to the actual situation itself, you will have travelled a long way down the road of awareness. This resistance is because the ego wants things its way. This can't happen because the real you is connected to everything else and therefore to change some aspect of your life everything must change all over the universe. When you have this mind shift, success, wealth and happiness become easier to achieve and you will then realise that the ego or false self has had a huge negative impact on your life up to that point. It is time to be happy and grateful for your life no matter what situations present themselves. After all even when you are rich you will still have problems to deal with. Remember you have many lessons to learn while you are here. You are here to experience life, not to resist it so enjoy all life. It is only good or bad because the ego has to pigeon hole everything. Life just is.

It's not about getting rich or getting wealthy or even achieving success. It's about becoming rich, wealthy or successful. I hope you can see the difference.

7. The Law of Attraction - this is very important because if you attract the wrong things you will never be happy and successful. You must 'vibrate' at a high frequency. Remember what I said about fear. It is a very low vibration. The highest frequency is love. When you vibrate at a high frequency, for example love, joy, gratitude, passion, excitement, enthusiasm and so on only people and situations of the same frequency will be attracted to you. Like attracts like. You can see this actually happening when you notice like minded people coming together in a group. Negative people are attracted to other negative people. Positive people are attracted to other positive people. It is important to work on this one. Some people will have to work harder than others depending on their conditioning as a child.

But how do you work on vibrating at a higher level?

You have to become more aware of your thoughts in every moment. Over a period of time you will realise that you are thinking negatively and when you become more conscious of this the negative thoughts will fall away. You cannot keep doing something that is not resourceful to youself when you 'bring it into the light of your consciousness'. These negative thoughts are only memory traces from your past mixed with the present situation. By witnessing them and watching them silently without comment they will fall away. You may need to do alot of work in this direction.

5. Intuition - Very important! Your real, higher or spiritual self is connected to consciousness or infinite intelligence and will communicate with you through a feeling, hunch or 'sixth sense'. By stopping the never ending thinking that we all are guilty of you will slowly start to become aware of your true self and will experience more and more intuitive moments. Listen to them!

For example:

A few years ago I was in the process of buying a beautiful property in Spain with roof terrace, jacuzzi, swimming pool and so on. It had been drastically reduced - about half a million euros (initially it was three quarters of a million). What made this property so tempting apart from the fantastic views and living accomodation was it was mine for only 10,000 euros as a deposit. Finance terms were good and there was a reasonable cash flow on a monthly basis if I decided to rent it. But something felt wrong. I couldn't settle and do the deal. One night after thinking about it before I went to bed I had a dream where the walls were closing in on me and the bank wanted its money back and I couldn't sell the property because it wasn't worth much. I couldn't understand the dream but decided not to proceed with the purchase. A few months later Spain had its biggest property crash ever. That same property is worth about 300,000 euros today. There is indeed a method to becoming happy and successful and intuition plays it's part.

Well that's it for this month. Just remember that you can create your own reality any time you want. The chances are that the reality that you see before you was already picked for you and continues to be reinforced daily by the powers that be. Is it not time for a change?

Maxwell Hill

Ultimate Wealth Made Easy

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