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Here is Januarys issue of Ultimate Wealth Tips
February 05, 2011

The January Issue of Ultimate Wealth Newsletter

In This Issue

A New Heaven and A New Earth are just around the corner. Are you aware enough to know what's going on? A short newsletter this month but perhaps the most important you will ever receive.

A New Heaven and A New Earth

Having come from a poor background and having no money, the most effective way I could become wealthy I perceived, was to use debt as a leveraging tool to accumulate equity and wealth. I chose property, mainly residential as a vehicle to do this. However the thought of having another mortgage, other than one for my own residence brought out a huge amount of anxiety and fear in me, my conditioning.

Debt had always been my fear as both my parents were afraid of it as were many of their generation and of course that was passed onto me. However I persevered and my second mortgage quickly became a third, fourth and so on. When I look back and see how I was, what I thought, I smile and realise how conditioned I was to a set of beliefs that were designed to keep me in servitude to the ruling elite. Furthermore in the last couple of years I have come to realise that this debt didn't actually exist in the first place.

The banks had used my mortgage application with my signature as the promissory or credit note. They had in fact paid off their own loan(debit) - which was just an electronic transfer - with my application and signature. There was no mortgage to pay back. You can read more here. Many of the population have awakened to this fraud so I don't want to say anymore accept that if you require more info I am happy to give it free of charge. Just use the website contact page. Discovering this information has lead me on an exciting journey of self discovery and I believe many others are now doing the same in these important times.

We have been enslaved for centuries and havn't been aware of it. In the last 50 years and especially the last 10 years this enslavement has become like a malignant tumour, all consuming and effecting every aspect of our lives, from happiness and joy to our conditioned responses(ego) all carefully manipulated by the global elite through the media, advertising, consumerism, increasing rules and laws. I say laws but what I should say is the legal system which only affects entities such as corporations, trusts and 'Persons'(trusts). Of course the trick is to make you think that your name Mr Joe Bloggs is actually you. It's not it is a trust deceitfully set up at the registration of your birth without your knowledge. Most of the population think that this trust is actually them - the flesh and blood sentient being - it's not. Therefore all Acts and Statutes only apply to the trust or the 'Person.' For further information go here.

Of course all this was designed to happen by our Creator, it had to happen for the people on planet earth to evolve! We are evolving now whether you realise it or not, both physically, mentally and therefore spiritually. In fact there is more evolving going on in your body/mind in this lifetime than all your previous lifetimes put together. To be honest I have only realised in the last few days that it was meant to happen by design. By me being angry about it, I mean the global elite and their constant lies and deceptions, something that had been 'worked out' at the 'start' of creation, is unconscious thinking. How can I with a finite thinking process possibly understand what has been pre planned and organised by the unmanifested/God. It was meant to happen perhaps so we could experience the lows of duality and therefore give us the motivation to evolve to something better. This something better is I believe the heaven on earth talked about in revelations in the bible. On the one hand our present heaven and earth is the collective ego(false beliefs) and lack of consciousness which reflects what we see on earth, that is the corrupt and faudulent institutions and lack of morality we see all round us on a daily basis. The new heaven being beyond the mind, our egoless self/non duality and the new earth, it's reflection.

But how to we get to this point, how do we go from being a conditioned ego to a spiritual being?

The good news is we are already spiritual beings, we are already perfect in that department and therefore no work is required. In fact the only requirement is to see that fact through the veil or illusion of the ego/false self. The false self is quite simply a concept, a group of programs that run - some very deeply - in the subconscious. These programs give us the concept of who we think we are eg. I am a funny, happy, angry, judgemental, jealous, depressed or serious individual and so on. They give us what we perceive is reality, but it is only our very individual reality and it is false! These are just concepts and not who we really are. Notice how our society is presently set up to enhance some of these false concepts in the form of advertising and consumerism. For example an advert to promote a perfume might show an exceptionally sexy, pretty young woman in a sports car. Watching this type of advert repeatedly - and we are exposed daily to thousands of such adverts - conditions the viewer to not only perceive this perfume as the one to purchase if you want to be like the sexy, pretty, young, woman in the sports car but also lays the foundations for 'this is the only way you should be in the first place.'

Becoming aware of your programs especially the non resourceful ones is enough for them to weaken and then stop working. After all you cannot keep doing something that isn't resourceful if you are aware of it. The easiest and simplest way to do it is just to 'witness' your reactions to events. These are your programs running under the surface. By witnessing(this is the real you) your reactions and stepping back in your mind from it will make you more conscious and aware.

To start with it is difficult to differentiate between the real you and the false self but as you persevere this consciousness will increase. A space will open up between the soul and the false self. Remember if you are not enjoying, being enthusiastic or accepting a situation you are feeling negative emotions. By watching or 'witnessing' these negative emotions is enough to be aware of them and they should if you do it consistently enough turn into acceptance. Some of these programs are resourceful and some are not. For example if you were trying to become wealthy and you also thought on a very deep level that you were not capable that would sabotage your attempts every time and you wouldn't even be aware of it. Can you see how being conscious can tranform your life away from the duality we currently live in, that is into 'A New Heaven and A New Earth'? By the way the bible says that 'the meek shall inherit the earth'. The meek has been falsely translated for many decades. The real meaning of meek is egoless ie. The Egoless(spirit) shall inherit the earth. The New Heaven which is the egoless state of peace, unconditional love and compassion and its reflection, The New Earth, harmony, ecologically balanced and abundant.

This is where all your power lies and I urge you to seek your true self because once you do that a whole new world of opportunity and richness opens up and at last you will have achieved ultimate wealth.

See you on the other side,


Ultimate Wealth

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