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I. A World of Slavery

i. You are a slave, just as your parents, your grandparents and great grandparents were slaves. You may be lucky enough to live in a pleasant plantation with other slaves, managed by overseer slaves such as police, judges, doctors and politicians where few examples of slave cruelty occur. Or you may be witnessing changes in the community plantation, which is part of a state slave plantation and national slave plantation where there is more crime, more misery and death. The fact that you are a slave is unquestionable. The only unknown is whether you will permit your children and their children to also grow up as slaves; and

ii. You are a slave because you live under slave law, also called Commercial Law and Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) first introduced in 1933 and based upon the ancient principles of Sumerian slave law enshrined in the Ur-Nammu Code of 1900 BCE that "all crime against slaves is commercial". Under the UCC Slave Laws applied to all nations as corporations registered in the state of Delaware of the United States, corporations hold no real property, only debt and the energy of slaves, with you considered an employee of a corporation and its surety as evidenced by the certified copy of the birth certificate which you hold, but can never own; and

iii. Therefore under the UCC Slave Laws which most slave plantations of the world operate you can never own a house, even though they trick into believing you do; you never really own a car, or boat or any other object, only have the benefit of use. Indeed, you do not even own your own body, which is claimed to have been lawfully gifted by your parents at your birth in the traditions of old slave contracts in which the slave baby had its feet or hands dipped in ink, or a drop of blood spilt on the commercial transaction document we know as the live birth record; and

iv. You may not realize you are a slave under the slave laws of Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC), but may still erroneously believe you are slave with "more rights" as used to be afforded under "Common Law" until it was largely abolished back in 1933 without properly telling you. The word "common" comes from 14th Century Latin communis meaning "to entrust, commit to a burden, public duty, service or obligation". The word was created from the combination of two ancient pre-Vatican Latin words com/comitto = "to entrust, commit" and munis = "burden, public duty, service or obligation". In other words, the real meaning of common as first formed because of the creation of the Roman Trust over the planet is the concept of "voluntary servitude" or simply "voluntary enslavement"; and

v. Common Law is nothing more than the laws of "voluntary servitude" and the laws of "voluntary slavery" to the Roman Cult and the Venetian Slavemasters. It is the job of the overseer slaves to convince you that you are not slaves, the common law has not been largely abolished and replaced with commercial law, to confuse you, to give you false hope. In return, they are rewarded as loyal slaves with bigger homes to use and more privileges than other slaves; and

vi. The reason why the overseer slaves such as judges, politicians, bankers, actors and media personalities are forced to lie and deny we are all slaves is because the slave system of voluntary servitude or "common law" was not the first global slave system, but merely its evolution. Before the emergence of Common Law, we were all subject to being considered mere animals or things under Canon Law of the Roman Cult, also known as the Law of the See, or Admiralty Law; and

vii. Under Admiralty Law, you are either a slave of the ship of state, or merely cargo for lawful salvage. Thus in 1302 through Unam Sanctam, the Roman Cult unlawfully claimed through trust the ownership of all the planet and all living "things" as either slaves, or less than slaves with things administered through the Court of Rota. This court, claimed as the Supreme Court of all Courts on the planet was initially abolished in the 16th Century only to be returned in 1908 under Pope Pius X as a purely spiritual ecclesiastical court of 12 "apostolic prothonotary" spirits, implying the twelve apostles. Since then, this new purely spiritual court has remained in constant "session", with the local courts using these powers to administer Divine Immortal Spirits expressed in Trust into Flesh Vessels as mere dead things ; and

viii. Yet this is not the only form of slave law still in force today. Instead, the oldest, the most evil and based on false history are the slave laws of the Menasheh, also known as the Rabbi through the unholy document of hate first formed in 333 known as the Talmud of the Menasheh- the false Israelites. Through the Talmud of the false Israelites, the whole planet is enslaved with the servants of the "chosen people" known as Caananites or K-nights (Knights) also known as the Scythians and then the rest as the goy/gyu and goyim - namely meaning the cattle, the dead lifeless corpses; and

ix. The truth known by those who claim to rule and by those who loyaly serve such pretenders is that the world has been enslaved for many hundreds of years, without respite until now.

II. A prison designed with no way out

i. Before this time, the system of global slavery and the treatment of the world as one large slave plantation was designed so there is no way out - as evidenced through the courts of the priests of Ba'al known as the judges of most legal systems in the world; and

ii. Even the most educated of men and women may remain tricked into believing that upon self representation they may claim their "common law rights" as a means of defense, only to find the judge lawfully rejects any and all claims. As the first law of the courts is the Uniform Commercial Codes of slavery as introduced in 1933, the defendant is an employee of a corporation and therefore automatically assumes the liability of any injury. Unless they can pay, they may be sent to prison; and

iii. If such a trickster as the judge is challenged, they are permitted to escape to their chambers and call upon even greater power to return and magically establish a new court, without telling the defendant they have now entered Admiralty Court, or the laws of the See in accordance with Canon Law of the Roman Cult issued in 1983. Now the judge can impose grave penalties upon such an unresponsive defendant including contempt of court and other punitive prison sentences, with the defendant having no rights unless they know Canon Law concerning juridic persons and establishing standing above being called a "thing"; and

iv. Sadly, few people actually know the original meaning of "thing" as a judicial meeting, or assembly; a matter brought before a court of law; a legal process; a charge brought; or a suit or cause pleaded before a court. This meaning is then used with devastating effect through the heretical concept of Pius X from 1908 to claim the dead apostles sit in permanent and open session as the "twelve prothonotaries" of the Sacred Rota - as the highest Supreme Court on the planet. So when a man or woman receives a blue or yellow notice from a court issued through this unholy knowledge of Canon law, by the time they come to court, they are automatically a thing. When a man or woman seeks to defend themselves by seeking to speak before the judge, they automatically "consent" to being a thing. Thus a judge with knowledge of such trickery can silence any man or woman by "lawfully" threatening contempt of court if the "thing" does not stop making noise; and

v. Indeed, it is the Roman Cult Canon Law of 1983 that establishes all courts are oratories, with judges holding ecclesiastical powers as "ordinaries" and their chambers as "chapels". Thus the Bar Associations around the world have assisted judges in learning of their new powers in order to counteract those men and women who continue to wake up to their status as slaves, but demonstrating how to remain "in honor" with such perverse law and ensure such "terrorists" are sent to prison for long sentences as a warning to others; and

vi. If a judge so inclined to ensure an educated defendant is lawfully sent to prison or worse, he or she may run away for a third and final time to their chamber and invoke their most powerful standing as rabbi of a Talmud Court under the Talmudic Laws of the false Israelites of the House of the twelve tribes of Menasheh. Now, even a judge in a nation that is against the death penalty may choose to impose a "lawful" sentence against any goy/gyu or goyim who dares injure an Israelite - which is normally death. However, while judges in the United States and other nations have started to be trained in the re-imposition of Talmudic Law, it is at the hands of the false Menasheh, also known as the Scythians, also known as the Black Khazars and now the Ashkenazi; and

vii. The training that has been given to judges and lawyers of the Bar Associations by the Ashkenazi Rabbi is false, flawed and has no spiritual or legal basis. It is the Ashkenazi Rabbi and their families of bankers, industrialists and slave traders who were responsible for breaking the sacred covenant of the Talmud in the unlawful sacrifice of millions possessing the blood of the Menasheh by fire in World War II, the unlawful creation of the state of Israel and the ultimate breach of the covenant in creating the new covenant of the United Nations which they claim control; and

viii. Indeed, these arrogant, ignorant and blind rabbi and families openly proclaim themselves as "Jews" - a word mysteriously introduced in the 16th Century by real Menasheh rabbi. As the true definition of "jew" is goy/gyu and goyim, it is the false Menasheh, being the Scythians, also known as the Ashkenazi who are the self confessed heretics and the rest of us who are the true Israelites; and

ix.In spite of the truth, in spite of their own laws they will continue to refuse to yield. For they have claimed control of a system designed so that no one escapes, in which no one is free and the whole world remains enslaved.

III. The true origins of the Scythians also known as the Askhenazi

i. Every narrative that has stood the test of time contains at least some grains of truth sown through it. The Scythian is an ancient Greek term applied to the many nomadic tribes, whose origin is from the Kazak Mountains and around the Caspian Sea in central Asia and at one time by the 6th Century BCE dominated an area stretching more than 2,000 miles from the Ukraine to Mongolia. They were never worshippers of Ba'al Moloch, also known as Satan, Sabaoth, The Devil and Lucifer - therefore they were never Sarmatian until the 7th Century CE. Nor were the Scythians ever descended from the Israelites or adherents to the traditions of the Yahud and Messiah Kings - only to begin pretending to follow the Talmud upon their conversion to worshipping dark forces and evil in the 7th Century; and

ii. The Sarmatian priest class known as the House of Menasheh were well acquainted with the leaders of the Scythians and when their kingdom was smashed by the Byzantines, they sought refuge in the lands of the Scythians. Upon the arrival of the great plagues that killed one in two of the population of the known world, the Menasheh became the great "White Khazars" and gods of the Scythian tribes, while the leaders of the Scythians were relegated to the lesser bonded "knights" known as the "black khazars"; and

iii. It was this subservient role that many of the Scythian tribes continued to honor, including their most famous hero Genghis Khan who subjugated most of the known world, but was never permitted to enter Jerusalem. As the Khazarian empires broke up, some converting to Islam and others shifted Westward and North into Russia created the great empire of Sarmatia, the Scythians followed as the loyal bonded servants to their "white khazar" overlords; and

iv. By the twelfth century, the term Ashkenazi first appeared to define these recent converts to Sarmatianism and the worship of demons, who were never true blood descendents of the Menasheh and never true Israelites. The word comes from three Hebrew words ash meaning fire (in this case spiritual fire), ke meaning (like a) and nazi meaning prince/elevated (initiated) one - hence Ashkenazi meaning literally "spiritual fire/faith like a true initiated one". Thus, the name is proof the Scythian descendents even in the twelfth century knew they were less than their overlords the blood descendents of the Menasheh; and

v. Yet by the sixteenth century, the Scythian descendents, now known as the Ashkenazi or simply the slang term "nazis" began to show their disapproval and rebellion against their former "masters". By the nineteenth century, the Ashkenazi merchants, bankers, and traders were in open rebellion against their traditional lords - who themselves were never true Israelites. Then in the twentieth century, the Ashkenazi devised an ingenious and unholy plan to sacrifice the ignorant and unknowing descendents of the Menasheh and manufacture the end of the Covenant of the Talmud in exchange for creating their own new covenant in the form of the United Nations, the creation of the state of Israel which they would control and the global commercial banking system; and

vi. Thus the events known as the Holocaust during World War II took place, permitting the Scythians/Ashkenazi to perform their heresy against the faith they claim to follow. But through the deliberate sacrifice of millions through fire, the Scythian/Ashkenazi money lenders concocted and even more appalling scheme - they stole the names, the ancestry and persona of hundreds of thousands of true descendents of the Menasheh and "white khazars", switching names on lists so that those burnt alive were the true Menasheh, while those that travelled under false passports and papers prepared by the Vatican and its agents were the Scythian/Ashkenazi tricksters. Thus architecting the greatest identity theft in history - aided and abetted by the Vatican took place in a further historic breach against the Covenant of the Talmud. Since then, all major world events have largely revolved around these Scythian/Ashkenazi descendents and their complete incompetence as trustees for those who themselves claim to control the world; and

vii. These are the people that claim to run the world today - their names are stolen from people their parents and grandparents helped murder; they pretend to follow the Talmud, but really seek to protect their precious covenant of the United Nations; they believe in nothing and no one; they seek to feed off the work of others and promote ignorance amongst all but a few; they were never the true Menasheh; and the heirs to the Covenant within the Talmud and they definitely were never true Yahud and true Israelites.

IV. Liars and thieves who will never yield power

i.When faced with the reality that much of the fate of the world is in the hands of a few families of people who are founded on lies, cannot speak anything else but lies, believe in nothing and seek to control everything - we are speaking about liars and thieves who will never yield power, despite overwhelming signs of divine protest; and

ii. Simply, these people do not fear divine retribution from the Divine Creator of all, nor from Satan/Moloch/Lucifer for their historic act of heresy against the Talmud, because they don't really believe there is either a God or a dark force. Instead, they believe all these things to be the creation of the collective imagination of people throughout the ages - a tool to be manipulated, to be corrupted for their own benefit; and

iii. Even when these liars and thieves will be caught out in their own courts, they will not be moved - except to vomit forth more lies and propaganda on how they are being persecuted, how such revelation of truth is anti-semitic - when they are not even true Israelites, nor those mentioned as the Chosen People of the Covenant of the Talmud; and

iv. While remedy and forgiveness has been offered to them, in spite of their horrible crimes against humanity, they will find ways to delay, to try and negotiate, to twist and turn because they truly believe themselves to be smarter than the rest of the world, whilst the rest of the world remains chained to faith, to belief and to common ideas of decency; and

v. Therefore, it remains improbable that the leaders of such people will relinquish that which they have stolen - instead preferring to burn and destroy that which they can no longer control. It rests then with those few who know the truth and have the power to stop these insane pretenders, lest the world suffer any more harm from their madness; and

vi. If the world can be saved from any more of their harm, then let the models of fairness, freedom, equality, justice, empathy and compassion spread across the world and truly herald in the age promised to all.

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