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Finally March/April Newsletter
May 02, 2011

March/April Newsletter

In This Issue

1. Apologies and Introduction;

2. Reality v Illusion.


Please allow me to apologise to readers for the lateness of this newsletter. We are in the most extraordinary times and we are all having to re-assess and re-arrange every aspect of our lives. Me included. We are not 'fixed'! In fact thinking we are manifests itself in peoples' lives as problems. Mankind is the gateway for change. Realising this is the key to your life. If something isn't working then it is YOU that needs to change. Change the way you think or change your circumstances!

In our present world there are quite clearly 'dark' forces at work in the form of cabal elements, read bloodline families/illuminati. However it is important NOT to concentrate on the outer world which has quite clearly been manipulated for centuries and even more strongly at this time (think financial markets, HAARP, military conflicts, almost a daily decrease in freedoms) by these cabal elements. I know this can be extremely difficult but we DO NOT have to do battle with the forces of imbalance.

Planet Earth and its inhabitants are in the middle of a major transition in consciousness. Many are evolving from the 3rd dimensional plane of duality, through the 4th dimension of enhanced inner vision and hearing, to the 5th dimension of ascension into full consciousness of our true identities within our cosmic family.

The dark forces that are in our midst have been there for eons and although their preferred scenario will be played out up to a point, ie to 'lock down' and control us (NWO) ascension of the planet is assured. Personal ascension however will only go ahead provided you stick to constant seeking within. That is, question all your existing beliefs especially with regard to authoritarian influences. This includes all negative beliefs especially with regard to fear, anger and feelings of low self esteem. Realise they are only 'programs' that are running and you can invent new ones. Switch the tv off, it is only there to keep you in the control matrix. Start reading more articles from the internet but make sure you use your powers of discernment. At this time there is alot of disinformation being broadcast. Use keywords such as lightworker, ascension, frequency holders, indigo children, awareness, consciousness and DNA activation. Express a wish to your higher self that you want to ascend and information will be made available to you. Ascension is a natural process and your physical body has already been preparing for it.

Buckminster Fuller once said, "In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete."

As the old paradigms and belief structures start to disintegrate it is important to concentrate on the new ones. Today I want to concentrate on these. To do this however involves understanding why the old are based on illusion and lower frequencies such as fear. I have mentioned a few of the most important below. Whether you are very 'spiritual' and your world revolves around all things metaphysical, or a financial 'wizard' who watches closely market cycles, taking on board the following list will help you move forward and grow. At the very least you will want to find out more.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace in a continual state of alarm (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing them with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

H. L. Mencken

Reality v Illusion

Example One - let's look at Newtons Laws of Relativity. While these were useful for a long period of time they have been superceded because they only take into account the physical, not the metaphysical. In 1927, Neils Bohr and others got together in Brussels to perform an experiment, the famous Copenhagen Interpretation. This experiment proved that sub atomic 'particles' could exist as waves of energy or particles of energy but not at the same time.

The fact of the matter is that sub atomic 'particles' are wave energy, however when ATTENTION is placed on them they collapse and particle matter is formed. That is when you think of something repeatedly it will manifest in the physical. Of course this works for fear thoughts as well.(Why is the population constantly kept in a fear/survival mode of thinking by the elite - think wars,debt etc. And why is the old Newtonian Laws of Relativity still taught in school when the Copenhagen Interpretation took place in 1927? I wonder?? Do you think that a group of people, to remain in control, would have to keep the masses in ignorance of their DIVINE heritage?)

Example Two - Your NAME for example Mr Joe Bloggs is a Trust, it is a fiction or strawman. It even has an 18 digit account number. It is not the real you, the man created by God. ALL contracts and that includes verbal ones are based on you, the real man acting as surety for the trust or fiction. They don't want you to waken up to the fact that you and the trust are two separate entities. All your correspondents is sent to the TRUST eg Mr Joe Bloggs. We automatically think it is us and inadvertently contract with them, think driving licenses, speeding fines, parking tickets. You do not have to contract with the authorities for anything even income tax. It all begins with us thinking that we "must" register the birth. The inverted commas are significant. "Must" is legalise for may. So our parents were tricked into registering our births. You don't have to register the birth of a child or indeed contract with the authorities for anything!! Man was created by God and spirit(energy) works through him(think chakras) Man is a sentient being, he is not a Trust or PERSON(legalise for Trust)

Example Three - The UK and USA are not countries, they are (bankrupt) corporations. How can you live in a corporation. Corporations, like Trusts are fictional, they don't exist. Why do you think the elite changed the names? They used to be called Great Britain and America. Their whole world is based on contract, fiction and commerce. You are nothing more than a slave until you stand up and tell them the error of their ways.

Example Four - All personal debt is an illusion. The banks create the debt from your signature on the application form. In other words your application for a loan with your signature becomes the cheque(promissory note). The bank cashes your cheque, credits your account and then demands the same amount back plus an extortionate amount in interest. That is FRAUD!

Example Five - You may find this one a little harder to understand. If you want to know the truth let the mind go quiet and look within. Don't react to a situation try and just watch the situation with no comment. Peoples' reactions to situations are part of the illusion that we all live in. Just watch with no comment or judgement and a gap will appear. The watcher is the real you (your soul). The reactive entity is your personality/ego and is based on falsehoods and programs that came into being when you were a child. Many of them are no longer resourceful so just watch in silence and slowly but surely theses unresourceful programs will fall away.

Example Six - Money is the most important thing in life because we need it to survive perpetuated by the slave system. Therefore it is safe to say many idolise it. We have been conditioned to think that we need a certain level of income and therefore work to survive and then just to make sure because we live in FEAR we try to make even more money. While we think like this we are stuck in the illusion. Many years ago I was in a job I didn't like however I earned a good wage. I had a certain standard of living and because of that wouldn't leave. I was stuck in the matrix. A few years later I left rented my home out and moved abroad to a cheaper area. I lived on half of what I used to make and was much happier. Why did it take me 20years to make this decision? I was stuck in the illusion and was fearful that I would not survive if I left my well paid job. For 20years I used all sorts of excuses. I used left hand brain (logical/egoic) thinking only.

When you do what you want without fear and begin using right hand brain thinking, your creative side, and invent/paint/fix/heal and so on because that is who you are, that is what you are, a creator, a whole new world of experience, intrigue, and joy open up to you. Many are so locked into the system that they have to work because they are locked into the ego which is left hand brain thinking, the system/global elite activily promote it in the form of fear of not having or losing a job, of debt, of being ill, being unable to afford to pay for basic needs and not being 'the same' as everyone else (keeping up with the neighbours who have the latest consumer items)

The system today is a commercial system. Readers would be stunned to realise that all courts and this includes criminal courts are based on making money. All judges are BANKERS!!! By going to court and answering by The NAME you have entered into a contract with the court.

The answer to the money problem is to stop trying to exist within the system, the old paradigm, the old rules which most WILLINGLY sign up to by CONTRACTING with the authorites. For example you do not have to pay income tax, there is no law. The foundation of the taxation system relies on THE NAME and you the man created by God - are acting as the surety for the NAME willingly contracting with the authorites. Evidence of this is all round you, for example driving licenses and thus accepting Road Traffic Acts; marriage license and Marriage Act; The clue is in the word Act as in a play or theatrical performance, it's not real!!

The whole illusion/system is like a map of a coutry. It is not real!! It is only designed as a way of getting from A to B. When people begin to think that the map is the reality, is the land mass, is LIFE itself they fall for the illusion!!

Many are waking up to that small, quiet but consistent voice (your soul) that is crying out for a more holistic and conscious existence. Contrary to popular belief there is a very safe and beautiful world out there, it is not full of conflict. There are people who are living the life of their dreams by creating new and improved paradigms for themselves. If the authorities are not allowing you do something you love to do then move to somewhere that you can create the life that you want. You do NOT have to be wealthy to make the shift. In fact it is much easier to relocate on a budget as you don't have to think about moving assets. If you feel that you can't move because of family that is your issue. Change your thinking. I have children and even though I was reluctant to move abroad initially because I wouldn't see them as much I went ahead and did it anyway. They now experience a much more fulfilling and broader view of life because they visit dad wherever he may be in the world.

Believing in something outside of yourself, the old authoritarian world is now finished, the debt based system is collapsing, religions are being seen in their true colours ie man made for the purpose of keeping God as something outside of yourself so the hierarchy can control you. You are standing astride both old and new, focus on the new, your consciousness will create what you focus on most. I know it is difficult to imagine because you see chaos all round you however this is just a last ditched attempt to raise fear and perpetuate low frequencies to keep you in the matrix. It is to make you believe as your parents and their parents and their parents did that you have to rely on something outside of yourself. This chaos is MANUFACTURED by the ruling elite. Create your own paradigms, your own reality. The future is small service orientated businesses, not multi national corporations whose priorities are money and not people, pollution and not sound environmental policies, profit at the detriment of everything else. The future is a heart centered approach to life and people as opposed to ego, power and competition.

The future is already here, all you have to do is focus on it, focus on what you want!

You may find the following short video helpful.

Till next time

Regards Maxwell

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