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The November Edition of Ultimate Wealth Tips Newsletter
December 02, 2010

In This Issue

1. The TSA and their outrageous behaviour and what it's really about.

2. There is a way out but it does mean being responsible for yourself.

3. Recommended Products


There are many instances of this conditioning and desensitising process which continues on a daily basis perpetuated by the global elite via government, media and so on. The most blatant and obvious(to some) is the disgraceful and deliberate situation which has arisen at airports in the USA where the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are negating peoples' civil liberties by groping, touching intimate regions and otherwise acting in an inappropriate manner all in the name of anti-terrorism. This is absolute rubbish! This is an attempt to desensitise the population to government intervention and control under the false banner of 'keeping you safe'

Welcome to the New World Order folks.

And guess what most are letting it happen, shame on you....., Read more

And remember they can only do this because the authorities equate you, the man or woman, with your birth certificate (ie a corporation in the same name) You are not, you are a man or woman created by God, you are not a corporation and therefore the Acts and Statutes which have multiplied one thousand fold in the last 10 years do not apply to you, the sentient being....Read more

Your Way Out

Although Ultimate Wealth Made Easy is a relatively new site we have become extremely busy over the last 6 months. The good news is this is because some people are starting to waken up and realise things are not quite right. If you live in the US this is even more obvious. The main reasons I started this site was to make people aware of the following and to help people realise there is a way out on several fronts.

1. You have been systematically conditioned and manipulated for centuries by a group of global elitists who have enslaved you and kept you in poverty.....Read more

2. They have managed to do this in hundreds if not thousands of different ways. In more recent times by tricking your parents into registering your birth and thus creating an entity or corporation in your name which they have convinced the population is actually them. It is not!!! Read more

3. You can free yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and financially in a number of ways -

a. Physically by having dual citizenship which will give you the freedom of not relying on one government to change its mind about issuing you a passport. If you think this won't happen to you then remember everytime the government changes legislation you will have to conform no matter how ridiculous the new rules are. If you don't qualify or can't afford dual citizenship then the next best thing is to leave the country and perhaps become a perpetual traveller where you use governments as service providers and pay no tax or do both;

b. Mentally and emotionally - become aware of who you really are. Personal and spiritual development are an absolute must in everyones's life. Don't neglect them. A fantastic product I use on a daily basis is advertised on the above link;

c. Financially - get your money out of the country before the country gets the money out of you. If your money is spread around in different countries it is very difficult or impossible for your government to get its unproductive hands on it.

Here are a few recommendations I can make. This is how I am currently invested.

- A heavy emphasis on investing in myself. By being more resourceful and eliminating negative egoic tendencies, (fear, anger, anxiety) opportunities tend to come your way and happiness prevails. Awareness is the key;

- Most of my wealth is invested in property. Although many property markets are artificially manipulated there are many lucrative deals about. With real estate you have a tangible asset so even if markets fall you still have the property with the income generating ability it possesses. I started out in property and therefore made most of my money here. If you only have your own property you live in then this is a good start.

- Business deals/business ownership. This is a very lucrative market and one which will make you the most money. If you travel as I do then you will always have opportunities to invest. This is of course another reason to leave your country if life is becoming difficult. A good guage is how happy you feel on a day to day basis. But be honest with yourself!

- Forex. I invest alot in this market. It's a truthful market as opposed to the manipulated stock markets of the world. Because your funds are traded in different currencies this helps to minimise losses because of the continuing devaluation of currencies. You can also hold your capital sum in multicurrency accounts when trading has finished. More details below.

- Commodities with a lean towards physically allocated gold and silver.

Recommended Products

Wealth Coaching - Free Wealth Coaching

Wealth Seminars World Wide - Wealth Seminars

Personal growth and Awareness - Holosync

Forex Managed Funds - Forex

Commodities - Gold and Silver

That's all for now...look forward to catching up with you next month


Ultimate Wealth Made Easy

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