Your Right to Personal Sovereignty

To live an abundant, wealthy and happy life, personal sovereignty is the single biggest issue that will affect each and everyone of us.

Understanding this and how it affects society in general can not only transform an individual's existence but our whole civilisation for the better.

Personal sovereignty relates to the inner power and essence of a person and the right for him or her to determine their direction in life and ultimate destiny.

The important issue is that he or she should not interfere negatively with other peoples' lives in pursuing their own objectives, but should in fact enhance the lives of others.

It is also important to realise that with personal sovereignty comes great responsibility.

You are responsible for your own destiny and therefore cannot blame anyone else in your life for any negative or bad situations. The more people that demonstrate personal sovereignty, then the more peaceful and on purpose civilisation would be and the less controlling and fearful society would be in general.

Over the last few decades there has been a noticeable shift in power from nations to the individual. Although governments are desperate to hang onto the power that they do have, they will inevitably lose as we are no longer in an industrial type society but rather an information based one, with all the power the internet has to offer, and the sovereign individual is quick to take advantage.

The sovereign individual is synonomous with another term called PT or perpetual traveller, permanent tourist or prior taxpayer. There are loads of different phrases you can use. However they all boil down to the same thing. A PT will arrange his or her private and business affairs with personal sovereignty or as a sovereign individual.

How does he or she do this?

One popular theory is to have various 'flags' or country bases and by using governments as service providers. This is based on the fact that many countries routinely treat their visitors much better than their citizens. Originally based on three flags this was expanded to five flags by the author W.G.Hill. The latest theory has added another flag making the total six:

  • Citizenship
  • You should hold one or more passports in addition to your existing passport. These countries would not want you to do military service and of course not tax income outside of the country. A European or Latin American country would be recommended for ease of travel;

  • Domiciles
  • This is where you officially live. However you don't have to spend any time there if you don't wish to. Of course it should be a country that does not tax income abroad;

  • Playgrounds
  • This is where you chose to spend most of your time. Legal laws will restrict how long you can spend there before you become a tax resident therefore you will have to have more than one.

  • Business bases
  • This is where you make your money, ideally somewhere with low corporate tax rates;

  • Asset haven
  • This is where you keep your money, somewhere with low taxation of savings interest and capital gains tax;

  • Cyberspace
  • This was recently added and emphasises the enormous power and flexibility of the internet, in effect allowing you to be anywhere you want to be.

Personal sovereignty or PT theory is not supposed to be a hard and fast set of rules, just the opposite actually. It's meant to be a lifestyle with a different perspective or way of thinking. You can use the above flag theory as a reference. A huge resource of information about personal sovereignty and related ideas can be found at Bye Bye Big Brother.

Many people think that we are a long way from the ideas above and indeed at the time of writing this many countries, especially the USA and UK, are becoming more and more desperate to control every aspect of personal and public living. I feel this is for two main reasons:

- people are now starting to think for themselves and can see that their government isn't doing a very good job of looking after its citizens in terms of pensions, healthcare, policing and general infrastructure and of course actually listening to what they want;

- many countries are now bankrupt because of the fractional reserve system and fiat money. Governments are now desparate to reclaim as much money as possible from its citizens.

To this end I feel that the time is fast approaching when every adult human being on the planet will have to make choices about what ultimate wealth and freedom means to them and how hard they are willing to fight for it.

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