A New Heaven and A New Earth

by Maxwell Hill

As I write this (beginning of 2011), I am aware of a new era approaching, "a new heaven and a new earth" as revealed in the bible (Revelations 21:1). I am also aware for many people the 'problems' in the world appear to be many and fear and uncertainty is at an all time high. There are many articles about this time and I'm sure that some have a version of the truth in them. Until our new world finally appears we can only make educated guesses based on our own finite thinking of what certain scriptures mean.

I believe that as the human race becomes more conscious and aware we should be concentrating on our own internal space which of course give us our external reality. In fact on a broader note this is what my whole site is about - internal and external wealth. It has never been so important as it is today to look internally and realise that the ego or false self is just that and there is something else, something so perfect and godlike that we cannot understand it with our finite minds. This article then is to help you understand a little more about the significance of your internal world(heaven) and its reflection externally(earth) and as a whole (human race together) the transformation that could exist if we all let go of egoic mind/unproductive thinking.

The egoic mind has finally reached its peak and has outgrown its usefulness, it has been a learning curve in the evolution of humanity but now it's time to evolve to the next level. If you are open enough it is time to let it fall away and at last become aware of the real you.

That is where all your power and happiness lies!!

We are all connected, not just with each other but with everything else eg. nature. We can feel this connection with nature when we walk in the woods. Nature doesn't have an ego and therefore we don't feel we are in competition with it, we just enjoy being present. We enjoy the energy that comes from the plants, the sun and so on. We can enjoy it because both nature and man are essentially the same, ie energy/form and potential/consciousness from the unmanifested (God/infinite intelligence) except that man has a much superior potential to become conscious compared to nature. However we don't feel this connection with each other because of the egoic mind, the false self. We compete with each other, we don't let people finish speaking because we want to put our point of view across, we disagree and judge others, we get angry and blame others and so on. This is the false self at its best. The false self came into existence from beliefs about ourselves when we were growing up. These 'programs' run constantly under the surface and sabotage our relationships, enjoyment and ultimately our lives if we don't become aware of what is really going on.

They cut us off from the potential of the unmanifested.

This particular period in history is about the ending of the false self and all it's never ending wants - which of course is what our whole society is based on - think advertising and consumerism.

Our sense of who we are is based on identification with something we own or even personality traits which we feel we should have. An example might be wanting to be like 'Mr Great' who lives down the road and is perceived as being handsome with a cool personality, lives in a nice large house with a fast sports car and lots of money. This is so limiting. When you identify with something you make it the same, you make it the same as 'I' , for example my ferrari, my house, my toy. Of course this is what we teach our children as they are growing up, to identify with things and as I said above the whole consumer industry is based on it. If you buy this car or this piece of clothing or that perfume you will look, feel and be just like the person depicted in the advert. Your sense of I then becomes the things you own. This is the false self and it will never stop wanting. It is a never ending cycle, you will never get there....how many times have you said to yourself, I will be happy when I achieve this or have this income or this position. If you do in fact achieve your goal there will always be another. The ego will never be satisfied. Not only that but the route to get there is hardly one of happiness, rather constant wanting, driving yourself and making everyone unhappy around you.

People have lost themselves in things. They cover up the real you!

Of course it is both necessary and human like to want to create and better both the human race and yourself while you are here but the constant wants of the ego at the expense of your own peace and tranquility and safety of the planet are now out of control.

Nowhere can this egoic nature be seen more clearly than in the collective, the world we live in. The false sense of self in its collective form - the human race - is completely out of control. 'Egoic' institutions which don't serve but just make money at the expense of people and quite often fraudulently, think banks, governments who do not serve the people but use the people to fund their power bases, their insane ideologies which are about controlling, conquering and owning resources and ultimately dividing the people. However make no mistake about what the future holds. The more 'egoic' and entrenched in their separatist beliefs the institutions are, the quicker they will crumble and collapse eg. the old communist regime in the Soviet Union which collapsed from the inside out. If you are aware enough you can see this happening already throughout the world even though on the outside, as main stream media would have you believe, they give the population the illusion of hugeness and indestructability. These institutions are not evolving, they are resisting the change which has been written about in many ancient teachings eg. Revelations in the bible, the Mayans, Taoism and so on.

These teachings which have been 'lost' or misunderstood or quite often used as a way of controlling (think ego again) people for centuries through religion, have divided people and been used as a basis for wars, violence and hatred. These distorted versions of the truth, have been used as ideologies and belief systems so egoic people could use them to further enhance their sense of self, their power over other people. Through them they could make people wrong and themselves right which justified their positions and was at total odds with the oneness of all life.

When faced with a radical crisis - which is now obvious on our planet - when the old way of thinking and doing things no longer works, a species will either die and become extinct or it will make an evolutionary leap and rise above the limitations presented. I believe we are in that period, a period which has been quite clearly written about by ancient and wise civilisations.

To make this leap is much easier than people would perceive. The leap is about allowing the false self or ego to fall away, the programs that run under the surface and make you a reactive entity instead of a conscious being that you are. It is about facing your negative programs eg fear, anger, anxiety and doing nothing more than watching them, being aware of them, not allowing them to rule your life and impact on anybody else. When you are aware of an unresourceful program it weakens and if you persevere it will fall away over time. This watching or 'witnessing' is the real you, your soul or a point of consciousness if you like and it is already perfect. All you have to do is bring it into your life and let this consciousness shine through into this world. This awareness or presence is the gateway for the light of God to shine into this dimension. Being 'present' in everything you do will allow it to increase and develop. There are only three modalities you should experience while you are here: enjoyment, enthusiasm and acceptance. By accepting all situations - which are neither positive or negative until we put a label on them - and by witnessing any negative feelings that arise internally, you will quickly be able to transmute all life into enjoyment and enthusiasm and suddenly the new heaven (your spiritual self) and the new earth (its reflection) will have arrived.

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Jun 07, 2015
human approach
by: catherine

The explanation of the human approach and behavior to different situation is done very nicely in your article. Actually, every human has egos and frustrations. When one person escapes himself from these, he will definitely succeed in his life.senior center colorado springs

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