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The same principles used to manifest anything in your life can be employed to manifest money. Likewise, the same problems you encounter creating anything else can be encountered manifesting money.

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It is important to realise that manifesting money doesn't just happen overnight, not unless you are already tuned into universal laws, but rather you will need to go through a process of growth before you will become more efficient at it. It is however well worth the effort because using universal laws is much more powerful than using conscious effort or forebrain thinking alone. This is because you are using your spirit being.

There are 4 principles you need be aware of before you start to see your desires and in particular money manifest:

1. You must be in a deep state of relaxation (conscious mind still) before commencing. You should not be thinking about anything. It may take a few minutes before the non stop thoughts from the conscious mind/ego stop. For many of us nowadays this is extremely difficult. In fact it was once said that all mans problems derive from his inability to sit in a room alone without thinking.

2. While in this state you must visualise what you want. I suggest doing it twice daily! When you visualise you must put a figure on how much money you want eg £100,000 or £1 million. If you can't imagine these figures then start with something smaller eg. I want to increase my income by £10,000pa.

When you visualise you must become excited. You must have a huge smile on your face while you manifest money. If you don't then you are not inspired enough for that particular manifestation, so choose another. You must act as if you already have an abundance of this money in your possession. How would that make you feel?

It is important that you have a strong desire for this money and not merely a vague wish like most of the population. A very powerful tool I have used is called a mind movie. This tool will help you visualise and focus on what you want like nothing else I have used to date (highly recommended)

3. Now, you must let it go and detach yourself from the desire to manifest money. The reason you must do this is because as soon as you let conscious mind or ego back in you will start to worry or doubt that you can manifest money. This leads to my next point.

4. The reason why 99.9% of people fail to manifest money (and I was one for many years) is that we allow ego, personality or conscious mind, whatever you want to call it, to manifest the doubt, fear or worry. In other words we are all very good at manifesting these emotions. However we are very bad at manifesting desirable situations or manifesting abundance.

So how do we stop these negative manifestations?

Well, positive thinking, affirmations, goal setting all have their place when it comes to manifesting money. Sooner or later however, negative emotions will start to creep in and you can bet that you will be able to manifest these negative emotions much easier than manifesting any positive scenario. This is because you have had a lifetime of practice, and before you your parents, their parents and so on, you get the idea don't you?

To give you an example of what I mean, look at a person who has been hypnotised (conscious mind/ego is asleep) He can do things that he never thought possible. Some examples of feats achieved when a person has been hypnotised are:

a) 12 stone man turns car over;

b) woman sings superbly although she previously said that she couldn't sing;

c) man turns blue and shivers uncontrollably when told he is at the North Pole with no clothes;

and my favourite,

d) man starts to bleed when he is told that he has been cut on his arm with a knife whilst hypnotised.

It is important to realise that conscious mind/ego was not awake to create the doubt or fear in each of the above individuals.

Ok, so how do we avoid dwelling on the negative emotions ie fear, worry, anger, etc. After all we can't go around in a hypnotised state since we need conscious mind to alert us to dangers and to assess situations. Well anybody who has read Eckhart Tolles book 'The Power of Now' will know how to do this. Eckhart tells us that all human beings consist of:

  • a human part
  • ie conscious mind/ego which by the way is directly linked to the body. This is the conditioned part of us, the part that your experiences, parents, friends, peers, government molded while you were growing up and this part is where all the negative emotions come from.

    You see all negative emotions are learned!!! To manifest money you need to constantly be aware of the human part. Don't resist these negative emotions. It is enough to just witness them.

  • the being part
  • which has been called all sorts of things eg. spirit, the source, god, infinite intelligence etc. This part only knows peace, love, abundance, happiness and joy etc. This part is common to every human being on the planet. This is why we can tap into other people eg. positive happy people attract the same type of people. This is called the the law of attraction.

The important point is that the spirit part is the real you!

...... not the ego part. Therefore when the ego is angry, fearful or worried Eckhart tells us that we should witness this happening (how many times have you had a conversation with yourself - this is ego and the real you. The ego/conscious mind does the talking and spirit listens).

Witnessing this is enough to take the energy away from ego and to become more present or aware (spiritual). You must not condemn ego because ego will come in through the back door. This is where all your power is connected and this is how you will manifest money or anything else in your life. If you successfully witness and take the energy from ego when you are angry, fearful or worried then you will become more aware or present and successfully manifest your desires.

If you are unable to do this then all these negative emotions will remain and you will only manifest undesirable situations. This is what we have been doing the world over for centuries and guess what, look what we manifest, fear, worry, war, crime, terrorism, cruelty, poverty etc.

It is possible especially to start with that you will not realise that you are experiencing a negative emotion.

This is why you must constantly monitor and ask yourself how you feel?

If you don't feel happy then ask yourself why not?

If you still don't know how you feel then it is possible that you are cut off from your emotions. There is a full proof way round this however.

You may be unable to work out how you feel by witnessing conscious mind/ego but you will not be able to hide it from the body. The body never lies.

Are you tense?

Do you feel uneasy?

Can you relax easily?

Do your muscles ache?

Are you suffering from repeated colds, sore throats etc?

All these symptoms are signs that you are experiencing negative emotions.

Remember negative emotions are only there to guide you. As soon as you feel them then it is important to be honest with yourself and find out why you are experiencing them so you can correct them.

Imagine a guidance system on a torpedo. It makes tiny corrections (negative emotions) before it finally takes out its target eg a ship. Your target is to manifest money (a particular amount remember).

This page is only a beginning. It is important that you realise it is highly unlikely you will go away and manifest money tonight, however it should be a work in process. As you grow in presence and depend less on conscious thought/ego you will become not only wealthier but alot happier too.

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Manifest Money Quotes

"Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

"If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life."

Billy Graham

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."

Jim Rohn

"What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us."

Julia Cameron

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