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Ultimate or true wealth requires wealth builders, ie. wealth building tools. There is more to wealth than just accumulating as many assets as possible. In fact, of those who have become wealthy this way there are many who quite simply aren't happy and at peace with themselves.

Most people would find it impossible to build wealth this way anyway as it requires you to be so single minded in your quest for riches that you would do almost anything to get it. Those who have become rich using this method have tended to suffer the consequences in terms of health, happiness and inner peace.

In some instances they have lost most of their accumulated riches but then managed to build 'true' wealth second time round.

So what are these wealth builders that are required to build true wealth?

First of all let me explain what I mean by ultimate or true wealth.

Ultimate or true wealth is both a physical and spiritual state which a person experiences and is made up from a mixture of internal and external wealth.

For example:

External wealth may include wealth builders such as accumulated assets, investments, position, respect, time to do what you want when you want and of course a rich and lavish lifestyle and so on;

Internal wealth may include such wealth builders as inner peace and happiness, love, compassion and a willingness to help your fellow human beings.

The important point I am trying to make is this:

It is impossible to have or accumulate ultimate or true wealth unless you are on a pathway which is helping you achieve both internal and external wealth.

The purpose of this page and indeed the whole website is to help you achieve ultimate or true wealth. However you must realise that it is a process, which requires you to grow and become more aware. This of course will take time.

I have put together five broad but important wealth builders. They are:

1. Asset Accumulation and your Asset Allocation Model - asset accumulation is the most obvious and one which most people will understand. In short it is important to accrue as many different types of assets and income streams whilst decreasing your liabilities to zero (in the long term). It is also important that you have an asset allocation model and apportion your wealth to different asset classes. The idea being to minimise risk and maximise growth areas;

2. Good Time Management - you may think this is a strange wealth builder. True wealth means being able to do what you want, when you want. While it is obvious that building wealth is going to require some hard work at least for the first few years, there is no point in always having to put in that 12-15 hour day. At some point you will want to relax and enjoy it. After all you only have a limited time on this lovely planet of ours.

And for exactly the same reason when you are working long hours to secure your wealthy future you must choose the correct topics or business items to deal with so you are always moving forward towards your goals. We are constantly bombarded on a daily basis with items that simply don't move us forward;

3. Lack of fear - well I have got to list this one as worry and fear have stopped most of the population from leading a truly wealthy life. I was one of them and unfortunately I have intimate knowledge of these life sucking little monsters. But I overcame fear and worry and therefore you can. Actually I overcome them on a daily basis to be more precise;

4. Spiritual Wealth (peace and happiness) - no you don't have to become a zen monk but an awareness of who you really are will help you to be happy and peaceful inspite of your daily problems and frustrations. Remember you will always have problems in your life even when your rich!! But these problems are not your life! You must be happy and peaceful inspite of these problems!

5. Your Own Website - this is another one which people seem to forget about. Having your own website will give you the flexibility and even more important, the freedom to do what you want when you want. Wealth without freedom is hollow. With the power of the internet you can run your business empire from any country you want providing there is an internet connection.

People were never supposed to be kept or controlled and with the flexibility and potential the internet brings people are realising that they have a huge amount of personal power.

The above wealth builders are what I consider to be the most important. I consider each one, sometimes on a daily basis. They have kept me moving forward and on target with my life goals. If I occasionally strayed from my chosen path or was not feeling happy and content inside, inevitably I was neglecting one of the above.

Achieving all the above on your own is practically impossible. You will require the help from others at some point. We all need help from time to time. It usually comes in the form of knowledge and education, something we didn't know before but now that we do we can start to move forward again and at a much faster pace.

It is very important to be aware of this fact and take every opportunity that comes your way. If you don't take opportunities then you will never discover the exciting possibilities life has to offer.

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Wealth Quotes

"Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it."

Benjamin Franklin

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

Henry David Thoreau

"Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another."

Richard Bach

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."

Jim Rohn

"I have about concluded that wealth is a state of mind, and that anyone can acquire a wealthy state of mind by thinking rich thoughts."

Andrew Young

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