Shocking Video Clips

I have listed the shocking video clips below in an attempt to open peoples' eyes to the illusion that many believe to be reality. It is an illusion because life starts with a thought. All life is thought. Your life is therefore your thoughts. If you allow someone else to dictate your thoughts or push their own on you then that is not your life and you will not be happy.

We have all been lied to and manipulated by government, media, religion, educational institutions and so on in an attempt to control us. The shocking video clips below demonstrate this. They have pushed their thoughts/thinking onto you. The really bizarre thing is the majority of people actually want it to continue so they can feel secure and looked after and not have to worry about anything eg. pensions, welfare, too many rules and regulations, always wanting to find a scapegoat and so on. This ultimate utopia is an impossible ideal and if continued will only lead to more servitude and even more control. I say impossible because you have an inner essence or spirituality which cannot be held captive!

It is time for people to waken up to their true divine nature and essence or personal power. This means taking responsibility for your own life. Start with some exciting thoughts/goals which inspire you and bring a smile to your face. With a little perseverence you can lead the life you have always dreamed about. The rest of your life will take on a new energy and strength which was always lurking in the back ground anyway, was it not? When you realise your divine right to be free and prosper you will quickly realise the negative aspects of our society never really held you captive in the first place. It was just an illusion created by your ego/personality/belief system ie. F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real.

If after watching any of the videos below you require more information please attend one of our Wealth Seminars

Shocking Video Clips

The next video is about money and banking. If you want further evidence of the corrupt fiat money system the banks perpetuate and how it completely dominates every aspect of our lives then please watch more videos about The Global Financial Crisis

The next two videos are about one world government. Please note these are not conspiracy theories. There is plenty of evidence about including world leaders who openly talk about the new world order or one world government. It is no longer a secret. For further evidence please go to my one world government page

English Freemen Standing In Court - Council Tax Hearing - The Takedown Begins! from Rebel Leader on Vimeo.

The two videos below are about the Mayan calender and put everything that is happening today into perspective. They are both 1.5hrs long and one follows the other but if you want to waken up to where we are at present and where we are going they are well worth viewing.

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"There are no limitations to the self ... except those you believe in."

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."

Alice Walker

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust

"True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found."

Eckhart Tolle

"Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free"

John 8:32

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