Life Purpose Analysed

We all have a common life purpose and also an individual one. The common one is to 'transcend,' to realise who we truly are. We are not just human beings here on earth, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are here to 'remember' who we are and to 'transcend' the apparent difficulties we encounter on a daily basis. I say apparent difficulties because with a little investigation and by keeping an open mind we realise that this world we live in is very much an illusion.

To find or become aware of your life purpose, for many is a difficulty in itself, never mind actually achieving it. The reasons on an individual basis for this I'm sure are plentiful, but in general many people find it a problem because of the Gregorian time system we use. People were made aware of The Gregorian time system at the end of the 16th century by the Catholic church. Unfortunately millions died as this system was quite literally forced on people.

I don't want to go into the reasons why it was important for the Catholic church to have this system of time because that would lead onto another subject however the results of this system can be clearly seen. We live in a very egotistical and materialistic world. The Gregorian Calender depends very much on only physical dimensions such as time and place, eg. the time it takes the earth to rotate one full circle (24hrs approx) or for the earth to circle the sun (365 days approx).

We depend completely on this system and it is slowly killing us.

We are multidimensional beings and therefore we must become aware of other attributes which are very important if we are to find true happiness and life purpose. We are 'designed' to be spiritual, intuitive and creative. We must therefore be aware that these properties are very important to our survival as a species. We have got to awaken to who we really are and find life purpose both individually and as one huge interconnected energy (mankind).

One system of time that does emphasise the intuitive part of our being is the Mayan Calender. It uses not only time and place but also intuition and creativity. The Mayan people know exactly what their life purpose is depending on what Tzolkin date and which sun sign they were born under. Can you imagine the benefit that would be to people all over the world if they knew from day one what their life purpose was. Can you imagine how on purpose our civilisation would be? By the way the Mayan calender stops in October 2011. During the period March to October 2011 we become co creators with All There Is (God) where many people become fully conscious and aware of the illusions that we are presently living in. I have tried to convey some of those illusions below.

In our daily lives it is now clear that our life purpose is getting pushed further into obscurity by stress which manifests itself in all sorts of ways eg. health problems, poor relationships, anger and the big one fear (false evidence appearing real). Our lack of direction and ultimate enslavement has and is being carefully manipulated and forced upon us by government, media, religion, education and a belief system that is tribal and very out of date. We have to awaken to what is really going on. We have to waken up to a system that is a complete illusion. Unless you awaken you will 'vibrate' at the fear level and remain enslaved.

If you can imagine there is a map with all sorts of imaginary people and ideas about how things should be. This is the reality of the world as it stands today. Everyone is looking at this map and trying to figure out where they fit in relative to this map. The map is not real. It is a fiction and so you must push it to one side and do a little cleaning up of your beliefs and fears if you are to find your life purpose. Unfortunately people are living their lives relative to this illusionary map. They are taking action against each other relative to this illusionary map. Let me give you a couple of examples:

Your birth certificate is not what you think it is....

you have been lied to...

it is not the registration of your birth.

It is the registration/birth of an entity or corporation in your name denoted by Capital letters but more importantly with a number attached to it. All correspondence with you from that day forth is with your corporation or strawman eg. JOE BLOGGS. It is not the real you, the living breathing sentient man denoted Joe:Bloggs.

If you go to court the first thing they do is ask if you are MR JOE BLOGGS ie. the strawman or corporation. You unwittingly answer yes and therefore have entered into a contract with them. You are not JOE BLOGGS the corporation. You are Joe:Bloggs the living breathing sentient man who has been given dominion on earth by God. They however lead you to believe that they are one in the same thing.

They are not!

You must become aware of who you really are and break away from the illusion of being part of a SYSTEM that is slowly killing you. You are a multidimensional being and you must start to develop your qualities of intuition and creativity.

A few more nice to knows to help you awaken to who you really are. The word 'person' is a legal entity ie your strawman. It is not you. If they ask you "are you the 'person' named," you must say you are not. The word 'summons' means invitation in their language. By going to court you are giving them jurisdiction over you. If they ask you if you 'understand' something they are asking you to 'stand under' them. In other words to obey them and be subservient to them. Again you have given them jurisdiction and they will now trick you into entering into a contract with them. You are above them in their 'Acting' roles. God created man, man created government (courts and so on) and government created your fiction or strawman, therefore courts cannot rule over man, only your fiction.

You are not your fiction!

It is all a huge illusion which is starting to unravel.

Acts and statutes do not apply to the living breathing sentient man, only to corporations ie your strawman.

What do you want?

Let me give you an example:

I am a completely different person now and alot more aware compared to a few years ago. I am now aware of the illusion we all live in.....but previously all my aspirations and goals revolved around becoming rich. These money aspirations were undoubtedly formed from my beliefs as a child about poverty and debt....situations as a young boy my parents had been in and situations I was very afraid of as an adult. One of the biggest was fear of debt. This one fear has haunted me all my life till relatively recently when I started to confront it and not worry about keeping the wealth I had already accumulated.....and an amazing thing happened. Once I started to confront the fear of debt new bits of information appeared or I should I say I became more aware of this information that had always been there and I realised that the world we are living in IS an illusion.....

For example you don't owe a penny!

Why not?

All credit cards, loans, mortgages and so on are not based in truth. The 'lender' does not actually lend you any money! They take your application with your signature and use it as a promissory note. If you 'borrow' £5000, the application with your signature becomes the credit note and your 'loan' is immediately paid off however they tell you that you have to pay back a further £5000 plus interest. Furthermore they 'borrow' more money on the back of your signature without your consent. Once the population learn of this huge scam you will realise how much you have been taken in by these people. You see, life is an illusion and 'The Truth Shall Set You Free.'

Break free! Stand up for yourself!

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Can you imagine trying to work out your life purpose when you have been lied to, manipulated constantly all your life. It is no wonder you are unhappy or confused. Knowing this information will help enormously to set you free but only if you use it against those who seek to control you and suck the life energy from you. You must always 'vibrate' with love though, getting angry or even is not the must waken up to who you really are, you must realise who other people are. We are all fragments of the whole, the whole being God. We are all energy and are infinite. Energy cannot be destroyed but can change from one form to another. We direct our lives from our thoughts. Can you see how fearful and angry our thoughts are as a whole. Look at the wars, poverty, atrocities, greed lies and so on. We all have to start 'vibrating' at higher levels, of love and peace. We all have to find our life purpose.

Confront every single belief you have about everything, from sex to theft to fear, from what's honourable to what's not and so on. These beliefs were forced upon you as a should only keep the ones that are resourceful. You should only have empowering beliefs....

Work out what your hierarchy of life values are. This can be quite difficult to do. Choose anything from freedom to wealth, from happiness to bravery, choose the ten most important and keep swopping them round till you get the right order. Don't be surprised if you change the order over time. I did. I used to put wealth before freedom but now it's the other way round!!! A reflection on our present world perhaps....or should I say a reflection on the way I think of my present world.

Discovering your life purpose is a simple case of doing what you are passionate about and what makes you feel happy. If you get a bit tearful thinking about it then even better. A simple exercise is to ask yourself the question...

What is my life purpose?

....and keep writing answers down as they come to you. This may take an hour or two or you may even come back the next day. Your life purpose is the one that makes you so happy that you want to cry. What holds us back of course is the illusion of fear for which I have hopefully helped dispel a little by uncovering a few big lies above. You need to investigate them for yourself.

The reason why so many people, especially in western society have so many problems being happy is thay have been indoctrinated/educated to believe that everything has a physical or intellectual explanation, that intuition is always secondary if at all. We must re-examine our spirit beings, our creativity and intuition if we are to find our life purpose.

The Bible says that we were created after our image, image being the key word here. It means that the image is what we see in the mirror. We live inside a holographic universe which means our image is our bodies and all that exists inside it. The bible from genesis chapter 2 onwards is all about this image. It talks about ADAM and EVE and LORD God (ego/the pope). The caps are significant, remember what I said about corporations. In chapter 1 it talks of Man and Woman and God. Chapter 1 is truth, chapter 2 onwards is the fiction, the world we live in now. In other words from Genesis chapter 2 onwards is a fiction which is exactly what we are living in now. It is there to warn us of the dangers of living this illusion, of worshipping false Gods, ie the SYSTEM, courts, government, religion and so on.

It is time to be is time to find your life purpose....not to succumb to fear and anger (low vibrations) but to strive out, knowing that you are an infinite being having a human experience, to be all you can be and to always confront your fears. Providing you don't interfere or adversely effect another human being do what you came here for. Remember it will fill you with passion and if you have truly found your life purpose it will inevitably be something that helps other people and at the same time makes you feel happy and joyful. All over the planet people are becoming more aware and awakening to their life purpose so you are not alone. Here's to freedom, life purpose and infinite possibilities.

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