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If you have come to this page looking for a quick way of how to get rich then you may find that you are in the wrong place. How to get rich slowly is more gratifying because you deal with all of life's obstacles as they happen, which contributes hugely to self growth and improvement. Your wealth will also be more sustainable because you have got your infrastructure and on going strategy in place.

Never has there been so many opportunities and methods of getting rich as there are today. I have written this page as a basic overview but one which I did not have available to me when I first started out. It is with some excitement then, that I now try to convey to the reader a basic understanding and philosophy of how to get rich.

With this road map you will hopefully be quick to take advantage of the huge opportunities that are now available to you and ignore the negative conditioning that is all around you today in the form of state education, government, media, religion, relationships and so on.

You must guard against 'get rich quick schemes' as they are ten a penny in our society and in particular on the internet.

If the people perpetuating these schemes are so successful and rich then why do they have to sell their latest scam?

Why are they not producing goods and services which help people?

You must also guard against your own values and beliefs which will hinder you and pull you back making you feel fearful, worrisome, and lacking in confidence. These values and beliefs have been forced upon you when you were young by a society that is fearful, becoming less productive and depending more and more on the government to help them.

You have immense personal power within you as has everybody on the planet and I commend you for wanting to find out how to get rich. To do so however will require huge amounts of perseverance, determination and self motivation. You must keep your mind focused on the end result, the product or service you want to create, the money, wealth, villas, fast cars, travel and the lifestyle or you will lose sight of your goals and dreams and become an 'also ran.'

OK then, let's get down to business. How to get rich involves a very straight forward process or 'how to get rich steps'. Before I list these there are two very important pieces of information you need to take on board. It's surprising how many people who want to get rich are not even aware of this fundamental knowledge.....

You must increase your assets whilst decreasing your liabilities (debts) in the longer term.

Simultaneously you must be building as many income streams as possible.

How to Get Rich Steps

Step 1

Reduce all expenditure to a minimum. Frugal living is the name of the game here. There are areas in your life where you will not notice spending less eg. changing to a cheaper energy supplier. Many people automatically think that they always need to increase their income to be able to save or invest money. This is definately not the case. I'm sure if you had a good look at your expenditure you could make some savings. This leads on to step 2.

Step 2

If you have debt which has been accumulated by purchasing depreciating assets (assets that are worth less as soon as you purchase them) then you must pay this off as quickly as possible before you start on your quest to become rich. Credit cards are the worst because they have the highest interest rates. You should not borrow money to buy depreciating assets.

This includes anything from clothes to cars!

You are not only being charged interest on the borrowed amount but the asset is losing value too.

Not a healthy scenario. If you don't turn back from this road you are not following the 'how to get rich steps'.

It is ok to have appreciating assets (assets that go up in value) on a loan or mortgage but again be careful that you are paying out less in interest than you are actually making in either capital gain, monthly income or both.

For example: a tenanted property which you receive a monthly rent of 500 euros and pay out a monthly mortgage interest payment of 300 euros.

The only possible exception to the above is your own home which you will be paying a mortgage on. Buying your home is better than renting provided you have the best mortgage product and update it regularly. Having said that if you have the funds to make increased payments to your mortgage debt (thereby reducing the term and therefore interest) then this is a good plan of action to take.

Step 3

Now that you have paid off all your debts which you acquired by purchasing depreciating assets it is time to start saving on a weekly or monthly basis. Regular savings will soon accumulate into a healthy balance - let's say 1000 euros - which can then be invested......

Step 4

You are now starting on the 'accumulating assets' and 'multiple streams of income' part of how to get rich. Well done if you have read this far and even better if you put it into practice.

There are many different investments you can put your money into. Ultimately you are the one that will have to make that decision. However I highly recommend offshore investments because of the much higher interest rates and tax concessions you will receive.

Your government will not advertise these because they will want to keep your money in the country so they can tax it. Remember you are legitimately allowed to move your money abroad.

I highly recommend managed forex funds with a good history of returns.

The currency market is a 'truthful' market in as much as it is not manipulated by government and traders as the stock market is. And contrary to popular belief some of these funds are actually low risk.

Your returns are compounded, which is so important. By this I mean interest is applied monthly which means your capital sum keeps on getting bigger on a monthly basis as opposed to the insulting simple interest returns which you will receive on many investments at home.

For example: 1000 euros in a managed forex fund with 5% monthly return which is quite common would return 1889 euros after 12 months and 3556 euros after 24 months. You can see how powerful this compounding effect is. Imagine what you would be worth after 5 and 10 years with just a 1000 euro investment. Of course you have to allow for losses so that is why it is so important to look at funds historically. The particular fund I am invested with makes a monthly loss on average every 18 months. Not bad?

In answering the How to get rich question you must apply compound interest to your investments which every millionaire and wealthy person has done. This is why you have sayings like 'money goes to money' and 'the rich keep on getting richer'. It is this compounding effect.

Step 5

You will find it very difficult, if not impossible to get rich if you work for someone else. Your employer will try to get you to work for the smallest wage he can get away with. This isn't personal, it's just good business sense.

There are plenty of businesses that you can get started in part time while still working for someone else. My favourite is an internet business. It is cheap to set up and ongoing costs are negligible if you set it up properly. Many modern day millionaires became so using the internet. If your business turns out to be a learning curve rather than a profitable business you have lost very little in monetary terms but gained a huge incite and accumulated lots of experience. If it is a success then all the better.

I call this a win win situation!

Remember that you can learn anything you want, to become the person you want to be. The internet is a great resource to start with. The only thing stopping you from doing this is you.

For those of you who don't want to start their own business taking on a part time job to earn extra money is a viable option, however it is so important that this...

...extra money is either used to pay off debt or saved and invested.

It should not be used to prop up your lifestyle, for example holidays, new car, going out more and so on. The reason for this is you will very quickly become used to this extra money and more luxurious lifestyle which will force you to carry on working in your second job. This turns into a nightmare scenario where you are working constantly just to service your better lifestyle.

That is not how to get rich!

Step 6

This next step is an important consideration and I apologise if I offend anyone but I am going to get straight to the point.

If you get married which most people will, the chances are you will also get divorced. You will lose a large part of your wealth to an ex spouse. I strongly recommend holding your assets in an offshore company, trust or foundation which is unknown to your other half. If it's unknown then a claim won't even be made. If it is known about then the fact that it's in a company name in a different jurisdiction will make it impossible to touch. I have been divorced twice therefore feel qualified to make the above comment....enough said.

How to get rich step 6 should be applied anyway irrespective of marital status as it is extremely tax efficient

Many people today are not only moving their assets abroad but also moving themselves. If you fancy living abroad you will also find it is generally cheaper to live and your quality of living will be much improved.

Step 7

There is of course a science of getting rich. In spite of laying it out in nice simple steps people will put their own interpretation on how to get rich.

The reason for this is that several people will look at the get rich steps and each will perceive them differently based on their own belief system which was forced upon them when they were young, by parents, guardians, friends, education systems, government, religion and so on. Each person will delete, distort and generalise incoming information to make their belief system true.

You must adhere to the above steps if you want to be rich.

However people inevitably will change things to match their beliefs. You must be aware of this. A better way of looking at a given situation is to always ask yourself the following....

Are my thoughts/actions/commentary resourceful to me?

That way you will always do what is best for you rather than what some belief system that you learned while you were young pushes you to do.

Step 8

Self Motivation - arguably the most important how to get rich step. There is no doubt that without self motivation, perseverance and determination you will not get rich.

Life is always unfolding in a cyclical nature eg. we are born, we grow up, reach a physical peak and maturity, then start to become less able, grow old and eventually die. Look at any aspect of life and it follows this process. This means that you can't have peaks all the time, to have peaks you must have troughs, to be happy you must also be sad, to have good you must also have evil. It is at times when things are not going your way that you must have tremendous self motivation, perseverance and determination. How to get rich therefore depends on self motivation. No one else is going to find that for you.

Never ever give up!!!

Step 9

It would be remiss of me at this stage not to mention your life purpose. Very often your life purpose and how to get rich go hand in hand. The important thing is to discover your life purpose. It will be something that you are passionate about and makes you feel very happy pursuing. There is nothing more pleasurable than discovering your life purpose, following it passionately because you love doing it and becoming rich at the same time.

I hope you use the above steps in your quest to get rich. They are simple and sensible, but it is surprising how many times you will deviate from them. Good Luck.

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