Anxiety and Fear

Read the following anxiety and fear articles to help you overcome these destructive little monsters. It's a sad fact that anxious and fearful thoughts hold people back from realising their full potential. I was once told that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real and I have used this acronym on a daily basis ever since.

Our minds constantly put false evidence into out awareness and make it appear real. When you learn to constantly 'witness' this happening and ask yourself if this evidence (scenario being played out in your head) is a reality or if it is just one scenario your mind has come up with, because of your beliefs, then you will be able to look at all the positive scenarios that could happen instead.

For centuries our minds have been programmed with all the anxious and fearful possible scenarios 'to keep us safe.' If your mind constantly thinks of negative situations then the feeling is that we are prepared and ready for combat. This is now an outdated construct or habit and we must learn a new awareness and evolve into a higher self. The following articles will hopefully help you do just that.

Anxiety and Fear Articles

Living with Fear

Change Your Perception of Fear

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"Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained."

Arthur Somers Roche

"Anxiety is the space between the 'now' and the 'then'."

Richard Abell

"Neither comprehension nor learning can take place in an atmosphere of anxiety."

Rose F. Kennedy

"This we can all bear witness to, living as we do plagued by unremitting anxiety . It becomes more and more imperative that the life of the spirit be avowed as the only firm basis upon which to establish happiness and peace."

Dalai Lama

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