The Best Way to Invest Money In Our Current Climate

The best way to invest money is often linked to what people are not doing. In our present climate I see all sorts of 'shoot from the hip' strategies that can get people into hot water and lead them towards financial ruin. People are emotional and worse still they will pass on information that quite simply isn't true. The best way to invest money then becomes the latest fad or best advertised product.

There is no doubt we are living in turbulent times and as we see the collapse of our fiat money system it can be difficult to find the best way to invest money and even more frightening to put your money where your mouth is. The following is a simple list of 4 areas which in my opinion will keep you on the right road to wealth and success. I invest heavily in all 4 areas.

The best way to invest money in our present debt world kicks off with gold. In spite of many advertisements on television and through other media inviting you to sell gold because it has reached all time highs Do Not sell. Just the opposite actually.

You should be buying.

You do not have to be rich to own gold and it is one of the best ways to invest money at the moment. Our monetary system is falling apart and our currencies are devaluing at an alarming rate. This is of course why gold prices appear to be rising. It is actually our currencies that are devaluing. The true value of gold stays the same.

For example.... an ounce of gold in 1930 would buy the same suit in 2010 although the suit may have gone from $2 to $850 in the same period. This is just an example and the actual dollar value is not to be taken seriously.

The important principle to remember is that the purchasing power of gold stays the same. Gold then is a fantastic store of value and should be taken very seriously in your quest to find the best way to invest money in the present climate. Normally we would only allocate 5-15% of our wealth to this metal. But we are in extraordinary times today therefore this percentage is much higher. When you are buying gold I recommend that you purchase allocated gold as this is yours even if your chosen provider goes bankrupt. Allocated gold means you can actually go and see it. It is allocated to you. If you own unallocated gold then you will become a general creditor in the event of bankruptcy. I recommend Bullionvault. as a provider of allocated gold. They provide an excellent online service. You can choose a vault in any of three countries and they even throw in a free ounce of gold.

My second recommendation concerning the best way to invest money is to purchase property. Although, like many other investments, property has generally decreased in value over the last couple of years(therefore a good time to purchase) property still has an intrinsic value. You still have your property no matter what happens to the markets. In the current market, property purchase would make a good addition to your investment portfolio and contrary to popular belief you can purchase with no money down.

Renting your own or additional properties out should easily cover the mortgage and any other expenses. Make sure you factor in void periods where you may not be able to get a tenant. When you do buy a property make sure you have clear reasons why you have purchased it. Purchasing a property to let but then becoming sentimental about it and decorating it they way you want it to look as if you were living in it is not the way to go. Also bear in mind that your profit is made when you purchase and not when you sell. Therefore make sure you purchase with a healthy discount. A minimum of 20-35% plus at the moment depending on where you live. Never buy relying on a rising market to make your profit although you should be buying a property in an area where prices are set to rise. Property can be bought for it's good rental potential, capital appreciation or even better both.

With the two previous methods of investing money we find ourselves in a situation where we are not very liquid. Although excellent stores of value and hedges in our present economic climate you will find it very difficult to buy goods and services with gold and property. Therefore the next best way to invest money I recommend is through currency trading. The Forex market is the biggest market in the world and unlike the stock market is a 'truthful' market. It is not manipulated by government and traders. Or if it is, not nearly to the same extent we are now seeing in the various stock markets around the world. You can hedge against devaluation and losses by having multi currency accounts and because of the nature of trading you can instantly change your whole investment from one currency to another. The Forex market is a very profitable market and monthly returns of 2-10% are the norm. Just think of the compounding effect. I highly recommend these forex funds. Fill in your details and you will automatically be sent historical returns.

My fourth best way to invest money is more to do with investing in yourself. My fourth recommendation is therefore to start your own business. There is nothing more satisfying than 'working' on your own passion on a daily basis. Globalisation has receded by over two thirds in the last couple of years. Big corporations are starting to break up. It is now time to build small businesses which matter to real people in real communities. This is the future, small niche businesses. My recommendation is an internet business which can be local, national or international as it is very cheap to set up and if it doesn't go the way you thought it would then you have lost nothing but gained a huge amount of experience.

The trick is to find something you are really passionate about. Everyone knows something about something and can therefore start their own business. You can do what someone else is doing but do it better and cheaper. You can sell your own product or service or someone elses. The avenues open to you are endless. The good thing about an internet business is it so easily fits in with your current job if you don't want to give that up immediately. You also don't need to worry about travelling costs or premises or time spent away from family. It really is a win win situation.

This best way to invest money page is simple and straight forward to use. Although you don't have to invest in my particular recommendations I think there is a good allocation of investments. I have stayed away from the stock market because it is too volatile and manipulated. Although much money can be made in the stockmarket at the moment, much can be lost too. That's not investing, that's gambling.

The total cost of investing in all four categories can be incredibly small....

For example:

Bullionvault......a few euros/dollars/pounds

Property......very little or no money deals are very possible

Forex.....minimum 1000euros to be involved in an investment the wealthy use to grow their wealth using compound interest.

Business.....if you follow my recommendation of an internet business then $299pa....with nothing else to pay for!!

In a very short time you have a basic well rounded portfolio. It really is that easy to become wealthy these days. What are you waiting for? Only you can create the future you want.

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