Understanding Self Motivation

Improving your self motivation will catapult you into a life of happiness, accomplishment and wealth. Too many people today are suffering the consequences of a lack of motivation culminating in problems such as stress, unhappiness, worry, fear and so on.

Why should this be so?

Why do we need self motivation anyway?

The answer is quite straight forward.....

We are the creators of our own world, period.

Too many people blame circumstance, condition or somebody else for their failures or lack of success. In other words something external to themselves. If they only knew that you have to fail before you succeed, that it is a requirement to fail, sometimes many times before you succeed. It is these failures once learned, but not dwelt upon, that will ultimately help you succeed and accomplish anything in life. All great people have been through this process.

Many, today think other people or institutions or even government owe them a living, and if they don't receive what they believe they are entitled to then they react negatively. This belief system is bourne out of a tribal mentality from years gone by where people had to stick together and think in a certain way to survive. There was no room for someone to think differently from the crowd. It was dangerous for everyone else. This thinking is now dated. These belief systems are dated.

Ok, so if we are not going to blame external events and conditions,

How do we motivate ourselves?

The first and therefore the most important step is to dream and find out what motivates you?

What would you like to achieve or what makes you happy?

What are you passionate about?

Without these goals and dreams you will never be able to motivate yourself.

Many people feel powerless and therefore inadequate because of their present circumstances. The fear of not having a job, the fear of not having any money and so on keeps people enslaved.

It is not the circumstances that enslave them it is the way they think about the circumstances.

Once people realise that they are the creators of their own worlds then the whole planet will be on purpose and living a truly joyful existence. Of course because people let worry and fear take hold they never have a chance to motivate themselves, they never move forward and they become the procrastinators, the excellent planners (because they have done it so many times) but not the doers!

On the surface some might say it is a lack of courage, but the real reason is a lack of awareness.

If people were more aware of their mental processes which are going on then they would all be motivated and on course to realise their dreams and aspirations. This awareness is the key which will unlock the door not just to self motivation but to a world of infinite possibilities and happiness.

Everyone has a layout or blueprint for the way they think about such things as self motivation, anger, worry, sex, achievement, happiness and so on. These blueprints are constantly running on auto pilot (the subconscious mind) and produce specific outcomes eg. if you are having problems in relationships your attraction blueprint needs looked at, having problems making money then the way you recognise (or don't) a good deal may need to be looked at.

These blueprints are a series of steps arranged in a certain order. The important point is they are largely running out of your awareness. They are triggered by an initial internal or external event. These steps may be empowering steps that get you what you want or disempowering which don't get you what you want. Quite often they are internal representations of negative situations ie what you perceive as negative because of your beliefs (which were forced on you when you were a child)

For Example: You are motivated by a particular dream that you have always had to be a successful business owner. No sooner have you thought about it than you start to think of negative scenarios such as lack of finance, lack of confidence in your own ability and so on. Your blueprint, that is the steps you go through in your own head to motivate yourself are disempowering.

A better scenario would be:

1. motivated to be a small business owner;

2. start to think of a product or service you would like to sell;

3. do some homework about starting a business by researching on the internet to give you some valuable knowledge and confidence;

4. visualise and imagine being a successful business owner, how would that make you feel?

5. ask around to see if there is a need for the product or service;

6. make an appointment with a bank to find out more information about financing your dream;

7. research the area again to see if your business is viable.

The above list is not supposed to be exhaustive, just illustrative of a more resourceful blueprint. The only way you can improve the different blueprints going on in your head is to be more aware that they exist. This involves watching your thoughts in every moment daily and monitoring your feelings. If you don't feel positive and happy it's because one of your blueprint programs is disempowering. Meditation is an excellent way to become more aware.

It all starts with an exciting long term goal or dream which will give you a buzz or passion for life.

Once you have got this goal firmly fixed in your mind you will have the necessary self motivation to break it down into smaller steps - not too small though or you might lose some of that passion and eagerness to achieve it. A good motivation blueprint can be useful for anything. Remember if the representation of the finished task does not produce strong self motivation to achieve it you are probably focusing on the consequences of not accomplishing it.

One of the biggest break throughs I ever made in my life with regard to self motivation, success, achievement and wealth was to realise that I had to change me if I wanted better results. I had to change any negative programs (and there was alot) to more resourceful ones. The old adage, 'to achieve success you first have to be someone' is very true.

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Zig Ziglar

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"People who have accomplished work worthwhile have had a very high sense of the way to do things. They have not been content with mediocrity. They have not confined themselves to the beaten tracks; they have never been satisfied to do things just as others so them, but always a little better. They always pushed things that came to their hands a little higher up, this little farther on, that counts in the quality of life's work. It is constant effort to be first-class in everything one attempts that conquers the heights of excellence."

Orison Swett Marden

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