The Science of Getting Rich

Although we can understand the science of getting rich on an intellectual footing, what holds almost everyone back from becoming wealthy is their own conditioned responses to situations. They are quite simply not aware of them, they react unconsciously from a conditioned set of beliefs programmed from an early age by parents, peers, government, education, religion and the media. If you didn't have these beliefs and managed to follow the science of getting rich guide exactly as described below, starting with a 'blank canvas' or egoless you would be rich within a very short period of time.

The person you think you are is nothing more than a concept, like the equator or the country you live in. He or she doesn't actually exist. You can't see the equator or the country eg USA or UK. What you see is an area, the earth where these concepts are supposed to be. Likewise the person you think you are is just a concept built around beliefs about yourself which were formed while you were a child. The real you is infinite, a point of consciousness connected to everything. When you begin to become aware of this and let the concept (ego) of yourself fall away you realise you are connected to a huge power. The science of getting rich suddenly becomes very real.

All matter begins with a thought. Your thoughts create the external world you see. Your material possessions, your happiness or problems in life all come from the way you habitually think. The way you think comes from your conditioning. You can change your thinking by becoming more aware of the real you. When you become more aware of your thoughts in every moment you cannot continue doing something that is not resourceful to yourself. This awareness of your present thinking will come slowly as you persevere. And persevere you must if you want to follow the science of getting rich.

Before applying the science of getting rich steps below you must have a definite purpose or passion. It is no coincedence that many people today do not have a purpose or passion in life which they are actively following and correspondingly are not happy and wealthy. Too many people are just existing in the 9-5 tick tock world. This world has been created for them by people who have a vested interest in keeping them in servitude so they can be taxed, manipulated and conditioned for the good of the few, the global elitists who control everything including and especially government.

Again before applying the science of getting rich to your life you must have a definate purpose, something that puts a big smile on your face. This definate purpose when mixed with a very strong desire, belief and persistence will help you achieve everything you set out to achieve.

Ok so what are the science of getting rich steps?

Let's begin with:

1. Desire - we have mentioned this already. It is not enough just to have a desire to be rich, you must cut off all possible exits. For example, not leaving your present job so you have it to fall back on just in case. While you may feel this is the sensible thing to do it also doesn't motivate you to give 100% of your time, energy and focus to your new endeavour. You will not be fully committed. You will still be in your comfort zone. If you are still in your comfort zone then nothing will change.

The science of getting rich is an exact science so bearing this in mind you must think about the exact amount of money that you desire and when you want this money by, not that you just want to be rich at some unspecified time in the future.

The next bit is even more important.

What are you willing to give in return for this money? Perhaps a product or service to help people?

You must give first and be happy giving and then the money will come. That's why it's important to find the right purpose. It will not happen the other way round.

You must think about your desire constantly which leads us onto step 2.

2. Visualisation - the science of getting rich requires you to constantly visualise your desire.

How will it feel to have the money you specified?

How will it feel to have a profitable company producing goods and services for people?

How will it feel to have the cars, houses, holidays or whatever you desire?

Remember your subconscious mind can't tell the difference from fact or fiction. It cannot reason like the conscious mind can. It will however go to work on bringing your predominant thoughts into reality. This is why you must constantly visualise the things you want if the science of getting rich steps are to work.

3. Persistence - a lack of persistence is the main cause of failure. Many give up as soon as the going becomes difficult. This is why I put desire in at step one in this science of getting rich guide. Without a strong desire as a foundation you will not be successful. You will have many failures on your way to success. It is important that you recognise them as learning curves and do not become negative about them.

Remember what I said about the ego, it is not the real you!

Your particular desire will be the motivation to carry you through. Many have given up just yards from wealth and success because their initial desire was just not strong enough to carry them through.

4. The Law of Attraction - this is very important because it gels all the science of getting rich steps together. You must 'vibrate' at a high frequency. The highest frequency is love. When you vibrate at a high frequency, for example love, joy, gratitude, passion, excitement, enthusiasm and so on only people and situations of the same frequency will be attracted to you. Like attracts like. You can see this actually happening when you notice like minded people coming together in a group. Negative people are attracted to other negative people. Positive people are attracted to other positive people. It is important to work on this one. Some people will have to work harder than others depending on their conditioning as a child.

But how do you work on vibrating at a higher level?

You have to become more aware of your thoughts in every moment. Over a period of time you will realise that you are thinking negatively and when you become more conscious of this the negative thoughts will fall away. You cannot keep doing something that is not resourceful when you 'bring it into the light of your consciousness'. These negative thoughts are only memory traces from your past mixed with the present situation. By witnessing them and watching them silently without comment they will fall away. The science of getting rich depends alot on the law of attraction so you may need to do much work in this direction.

5. Intuition - Very important! Your real, higher or spiritual self is connected to consciousness or infinite intelligence and will communicate with you through a feeling, hunch or 'sixth sense'. By stopping the never ending thinking that we all are guilty of you will slowly start to become aware of your true self and will experience more and more intuitive moments. Listen to them! For example:

A few years ago I was in the process of buying a beautiful property in Spain with roof terrace, jacuzzi, swimming pool and so on. It had been drastically reduced - about half a million euros (initially it was three quarters of a million). What made this property so tempting apart from the fantastic views and living accomodation was it was mine for only 10,000 euros as a deposit. Finance terms were good and there was a reasonable cash flow on a monthly basis if I decided to rent it. But something felt wrong. I couldn't settle and do the deal. One night after thinking about it before I went to bed I had a dream where the walls were closing in on me and the bank wanted its money back and I couldn't sell the property because it wasn't worth much. I couldn't understand the dream but decided not to proceed with the purchase. A few months later Spain had its biggest property crash ever. That same property is worth about 300,000 euros today. There is indeed a science of getting rich and intuition plays it's part.

Always listen to your intuition!

6. Planning - You must have a plan as part of the science of getting rich. If you don't you will fail.

How are you to move forward and make decisions if you have no plan?

If your plan fails then make another.

If that plan fails then make another.....and so on.....

Remember persistence.

Many people live in poverty and misery because they lack a plan on how to get rich or once their plan doesn't work they give up instead of making another. Once you have made your plan, arrange to meet or contact people who you will need to carry it out. Use the power of the internet to help you. As an example when I first decided to build this website I didn't have a clue where to start as I could barely copy and paste. However after spending many weeks looking, listening and contacting people I decided to use Site Build It. And from there I slowly started to form a small core of people who possess skills that I don't. You cannot do everything yourself. Here is another example:

A friend of mine is a property investor. At this particular time he had 17 houses and because he was formerly a builder he did all his own renovations and maintenance. He worked 16 hour days everyday. He came to me for advice about some problems he was having attracting the right finance and deals. It was obvious to me, but not to him, that he was not focusing on what he wanted to be ie. a property investor. Because he was very capable of doing his own renovations and maintenance he felt he should be doing that to save money. He was in fact losing money because at the same time he was missing out on other lucrative deals, not to mention the fact he was exhausted. Once he concentrated on being a property investor and allowed some of his very capable colleagues to take over the renovations and maintenance, his business soared.

So as part of your planning you will need a group of positive like minded individuals with skills that you don't possess.

Don't worry about getting these people all at once. They will be there when you need them.

7. Fear - Stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. This of course has everything to do with our past conditioning. As I said before we constantly bring our past issues into the present moment and mix them with present situations. If that's not bad enough we run negative scenarios over and over in our minds till we are convinced it's real or will happen. Fear is a very low vibration and you will never become wealthy at that level. To be clear we are all fearful from time to time but if you suffer from it regularly you can never adhere to the science of getting rich. Remember about the law of attraction above. There are six main types of fear, all other fears are just variations on these six.

Fear of poverty; Fear of criticism; Fear of ill health; Fear of old age; Fear of death; Fear of losing someones love.

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind and therefore can be controlled. As you become fearful watch it and witness it. Do not run away in your mind. The more aware you become of fear the less it will take a hold and you become happier and vibrate at a higher level.

Fear manifests itself in all sorts of ways from mild indifference to procrastination, overcaution and worry and then onto all out fight or flight responses. Unfortunately fear seems to be on the rise. The "authorities" want people to vibrate at the fear level because they know that you cannot be creative at that level and will continue to be part of the 9-5 tick tock world which perpetuates global government, the present system of taxation, and fraudulent banking system. It is important you don't expose yourself to unnecessary negativity and fear. Be very aware of who you are mixing with. Stop watching the television and cut down on reading newspapers. The more people who follow the science of getting rich philosophy the more on purpose and creative we would all be and therefore the more productive and happy we would be as a society.

8. Grateful - You must be grateful for everything that is happening in your life. I know this is sometimes difficult but will be alot easier if you change the way you look at things. When you realise that all suffering and pain we feel is because of our resistance to the situation and not to the actual situation itself, you will have travelled a long way down the road of awareness. This resistance is because the ego wants things its way. This can't happen because the real you is connected to everything else and therefore to change some aspect of your life everything must change all over the universe. When you have this mind shift the science of getting rich becomes easier to understand and you will then realise that the ego or false self has had a huge negative impact on your life up to that point. It is time to be happy and grateful for your life no matter what situations present themselves. After all even when you are rich you will still have problems to deal with. Remember you have many lessons to learn while you are here. You are here to experience life, not to resist it so enjoy all life. It is only good or bad because the ego has to pigeon hole everything. Life just is.

In this way I hope that the science of getting rich becomes a way of life for you. You see life's not about getting rich it's about becoming rich. I hope you can see the difference.

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"You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than he has now."

Wallace D Wattles

"The value of gratitude does not consist solely in getting you more blessings in the future. Without gratitude you cannot long keep from dissatisfied thought regarding things as they are."

Wallace D Wattles

"Whenever you find yourself hurrying, call a halt; fix your attention on the mental image of the thing you want, and begin to give thanks that you are getting it. The exercise of GRATITUDE will never fail to strengthen your faith and renew your purpose."

Wallace D Wattles

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The Science of Getting Rich

"I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it."

Jonathan Winters

"Getting rich is not dependent upon your engaging in some particular business, but upon your learning to do things in a Certain Way."

Wallace D Wattles

"The real source of wealth and capital in this new era is not material is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination, and our faith in the future."

Steve Forbes

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