Money Management International is an Exciting and Innovative Business

When you gain some incite into the wonderful world of money management international you will not only realise how lucrative it can be, but more importantly, how much more freely you will begin to live your life and how much happier you will become.

After acquiring the knowledge and skills relating to money management international, you will be able to dramatically change course in your life and with the power of the internet, if desired, you can live in a different country from where your business operates. Becoming a perpetual traveller or sovereign individual becomes a real possibility. Having dual citizenship becomes the norm.

You will therefore not have the same daily 'restrictions' that governments put on their citizens to keep them subservient and fearful with the ultimate goal of taxing them as highly as they can possibly get away with.

Instead you will be treated as a visitor and therefore pay no tax compared with the citizens of that particular country. Of course tax avoidance has always been a neccessary part of the road to wealth and will continue to be so, however illegal tax evasion is not to be recommended and it is always a good idea to pay some taxes, if only to keep non productive government officials happy and off your case.

No discussion of money management international would be complete without speaking about tax haven jurisdictions? I've heard quite alot recently(2009) about tax havens dying out as governments become more proactive at insisting on reporting requirements. This has been widely broadcast on television (why do you think that is?)

Well, the fact of the matter is as long as you have governments highly taxing their citizens, you will always have tax havens. It will only be when governments learn that taxing citizens is a false economy and will in fact drive money to international waters that tax havens will cease to exist. I can't see that happening soon.

This perhaps explains the apparent need for governments to control everything their citizens now do on a daily basis, from the cameras to keep them 'safe,' to restricting how much cash they take abroad all under the guise of protecting you from drugs and terrorism.

In becoming more aware of your needs and money management international, we need to talk about overseas banking.

Why do we need an offshore account?

Well quite simply because of the privacy laws afforded to you. There are strict bank secrecy laws governing offshore bank accounts and money management international which are endorsed by serious criminal penalties if these laws are broken.

In many western countries we have a situation now where our bank accounts are regularly checked, all because we want to borrow money.

In the UK under the 'money laundering regulations of 2007' many businesses are now required to keep information on their clients which must be made available for inspection at any time by the tax authorities, no warrants or just cause required. It is no wonder many businesses have moved their money and operations internationally.

Many people believe that money management international is somehow unjust or unpatriotic. Many even have the idea that offshore companies and bank accounts are mainly used by criminals. Well if you think about it carefully where did that information come from? Your government would love you to think that was the case!

The fact of the matter is many offshore banks have much better ways of detecting illegal money because of the need for them to remain squeaky clean and their reputations untarnished.

Therefore money management international is often much safer and the standards of service much higher than your onshore bank.

With regard to investing money internationally there are good and bad investments. Money management international requires the usual due diligence and if something is too good to be true then it probably is. However, you have to balance this with the obvious conditioning your own government has been very good at dishing out over the years making you think that 7,8 or 9% simple interest per annum is a good return and you should be thankful.

In fact only a couple of months ago (February 2009) I saw an advert in the UK from a large bank advertising 2-3% per annum for an ISA as if you should be so happy for returns so small in such difficult times.

It's not difficult to understand why governments don't allow the advertising of lucrative offshore investments. They quite clearly don't want your money being managed internationally. They want to keep it within the country so they can tax it.

Even in difficult times such as 2008-9 when most people were losing money it is very possible to make big big gains.

Such investment opportunities are always about if you know where to look. These investments have always been about, it's just that they are not made public knowledge. It just wouldn't do to have everybody self sufficient and independent, would it?

I personally feel that education and awareness are very important to a persons well being while living on planet earth. Moreover this education and in particular financial education must have it's roots in truth and integrity. Once this philosophy has been embraced just watch and see the people on this planet change for the better. However I feel we may be in for a rough ride until that happens. Old and dated systems will resist very strongly for a time.

Looking at money management in the present unstable international arena has prompted many investors to look at gold once again. Money issued by government is essentially worthless until the government decree that it is worth something and can be used to pay for debts, goods and services. This means of course that you are now enslaved by your government who hold the monopoly on issue and of course can manipulate it to their advantage which of course they have been doing for years.

There is a possible way out, which is to invest in gold and silver, which have historically stood the test of time. The reason they have been around for so long is that they have an intrinsic value and a limited supply.

Paper money used to be a promise to pay in gold(or silver). Banks were originally repositories for gold or silver and they issued promissory notes ie a promise to pay on demand the equivalent in gold/silver. The banks today issue 'fiat' money which has been decreed or authorised by government to be worth a certain amount but there is no gold/silver to exchange for it. In other words paper money becomes devalued and worthless in unstable times which we are now experiencing and therefore gold or silver should be an essential part of your investment portfolio.

As I said previously I believe that education, truth and integrity are an essential part of managing your money internationally and to this end I think you should be aware of certain changes that are happening in the world. We have heard recently about a New World Order or one world government by various leaders around the globe. These terms are in fact not new but have been mentioned as early as 1991 and before by different political leaders.

Personally, I think in terms of financial opportunities we are living in exciting times. Yes, it is obvious that certain elements are destabilising countries, in particular those in the west, and in my opinion it is deliberate. However, this destabilisation will produce more opportunities than ever before and I believe although the intention is to produce a new world order or one world government, it will ultimately fail because people will simply do their voting with their feet. They will quite simply move away or look at managing their money internationally or both. It has already begun.

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