Gulf Spill: Disaster? Or a Well Organized Plan

by Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas
(Intel Hub)

In the last few months, a strange series of events has taken place surrounding the April 20th BP Gulf oil spill. The Intel Hub will attempt to lay out some of the seemingly unbelievable facts in a manner which can easily be understood.

Between March 22nd and March 24th, several drills involving an oil spill took place. "Spills Of National Significance" was a drill ran by DHS and the Coast Guard. The SONS documents were first broke by the Intel Hub on May 8, 2010. More than a week later, ABC News would of course take credit for the story.

We now know, through witness testimony, that there were cracks reported in the drill casing two weeks prior to the disaster. Goldman Sachs sold 44% of their total holdings, 4,680,822 shares of BP stock in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman Sachs earned about $ 266 million on the sale.

Apparently, Halliburton also had some psychic insight on what was soon to come. Eleven days before the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon, Halliburton purchased an oil spill prevention firm. Halliburton was the lead company in charge of cementing the Deepwater rigs as well.

Just hours before the rig explosion, The Bureau of Land Management took part in a surprise inspection aboard the Deepwater Horizon. A four man team quickly flashed credentials to a supervisor and was then allowed access to the entire rig. Zac Zimmerman reveals in this interview how odd this particular BLM visit really was. Not to mention,many rigs have burned for weeks at a time without collapsing.

Another important fact is that Obama, along with DHS and the Department of the Interior, sent SWAT teams to the gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs. One must question, why would you deploy over 30 SWAT teams in response to an oil spill unless it was an act of terrorism, an act of war, or if they were sent to carry out some sort of covert operation?

Federal regulators sent a SWAT team of inspectors into the Gulf of Mexico area to ensure compliance with safety rules on deep water drilling rigs.

We must also look into what organizations the major players belong too. It now appears that there are too many interlocking connections for this to be a coincidence. British Petroleum has ties to the Queen of England. The C.E.O. of BP Pacific, Peter Sutherland is a Trilateral Commission member, a Bilderberg member and a financial adviser to the Vatican. Tony Hayward has also attended numerous meetings of the world elite and was caught selling his stock in BP just weeks before the disaster.

Wackenhut, also known as G4S, has been hired by BP to block and or arrest reporters who attempt to probe the workers and staged media location in and around Grand Isle, LA. Wackenhut is a known arm of the Bilderbergers and also has ties to other agencies. There has been numerous confirmed staged media events that have taken place in and around Grand Isle. One such eyewitness reporter called into the Decompression Session and described how he and other members of the mainstream media were led to a small area on the beach where a staged photo op took place. He reported the presence of Army personal and that if he were to leave the barrier to either side, he would have been immediately arrested.

Next one must look at the CIA, Evergreen Air, and their connection to chemtrail spraying and the Gulf oil spill. The following is an excerpt of an article we did that linked Evergreen Air to the spraying of Corexit, the deadly chemical being sprayed over the spill by the cover of night. This was documented in the article "BP Crop Dusting U.S. Population Under Cover of Night".

The Intel Hub
Alex Thomas & Shepard Ambellas
On May 19th, The Waco Tribune Herald reported that an Evergreen Air Supertanker 747 had trained at Texas State Technical College-Waco, where it flew 100 feet in the air and dropped water on targets applied to the ground. Evergreen Air was training for its planed run to fly over the spill while dropping a substance that could break up oil that threatens to damage the coastline. As we all know the chemicals being used underwater are considerably worse than the oil itself. It is now safe to say that the chemicals that were dropped from the air are just as bad, if not worse. It is possible that the fly overs are still happening at this very moment.

One of Evergreen Air's Facilities, Oregon Evergreen Air is a known CIA front company. The Intel Hub, along many others, have established this fact without a reasonable doubt. This evidence was backed by witness testimony. Once this is established, one must realize just how deep the rabbit hole may actually go?

As it turns out the deadly chemical Corexit is linked to the Rothschild's, a known controlling party of the New World Order global crime syndicate.

Army deployments to the Gulf have been confirmed by the president. It is now a reality. National Guard troops have been mobilized. Workers have been bused in and out by the masses, none wearing protective gear such as gas masks or full bio suits. Reports are circulating that the workers could be prisoners and may be part of the Army Inmate Labor Program defined in this Document 210-35.
We have had numerous reports of people in the Gulf region who have fallen ill with "flu like" symptoms. Many people have reported the smell of toxic chemicals in the region. Clinics in some Gulf regions are reportedly at an elevated capacity. Birds have been seen migrating north, while sharks and dolphins seek shallower waters in Florida. This would seem to signify the presence of toxic air and water content. Poison gases from the oil mixed with the Corexit appear to be an Orwellian combo of death. Fish are turning up on the banks of streams in several states. Plants have burn holes through them from acid rain as reported in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Most insurance companies do not cover "oil damage". As the acid rain and hurricanes push inland in the coming months, we may see a rise in property damage claims. The likely winners being the very people who caused the problem.

The way Obama is treating the oil spill is somewhat erie. His use of war terminology seems to signal the true magnitude of this disaster. Terms such as "Battle Plan" seem to be paving the way for militarization of the streets of America.

Article kindly supplied by Intel Hub. You can find the original article here.

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