Living In Love

by TaraStar

There is something about our current paradigm. Something that is obviously broken. Everyone has been socialized in fear, mistrust, addiction, capitalism, scarcity…so many of us deal with low self esteem, depression and an inability to connect.
Our planet is screaming, and many species are on the brink of extinction.

I also see a new era emerging. I have been hearing rumbles of ‘homo luminous.’ I have been reading the most amazing, thought provoking, light bearing sort of books, some of which were published many years ago. And I’ve been learning of ancient shamanic traditions that are amazingly useful and relevant to our growth today.

It seems the current answer to our planetary quandary is love. Love and awareness. To bring love to every interaction with other beings. Love and Kindness. That is something that most, if not all, humans crave. So many people have abandonment issues, and so many (especially in the mainstream) have been kept isolated and almost kind of corralled to exist within limited ways of thinking to fit and maintain the current paradigm.

The structure of our current paradigm is such that a few control the many and make the most profit, with little regard for those doing most of the work while reaping the least benefits. However, those caught in the drudgery of modern day slavery haven’t enough time, energy or connection to catch up with their own lives, much less change them to break out of what increasingly seems a bit like a matrix-alliterated reality, which, when caught in is difficult to escape. And the escaping is fraught with its’ own dangers and complications.

The answer is love. Some of us are awakened-to varying degrees. We can all reach out to others-though it takes learning and pill or blue? Some of us can reach out to those who are blinded and sucked into the matrix paradigm and help them see the reality they are caught in; showing they can shift it and change it, to add to the collective, reaching towards a critical mass. That could be the final push into a more sustainable and fulfilling way of life.

We needn’t exclude anyone. All have a place here. We have been excluded enough. It doesn’t matter if we are accepted. Maybe our job is to show gentle acceptance and guidance. Those in the mainstream right now-so many are ensnared or brainwashed, isolated to a point of non connection with other humans, disempowered and disillusioned…it is time for us to reach out to everyone. (Maintaining our own healthy boundaries of course!) If not reach out, at least maintain kindness and courtesy to all, and maybe leave clues or hints for our brothers and sisters still caught in the matrix…there is a new future we are creating!

There are varying levels of awareness, kindness and fallacy. We may see it here, on evolver, with friends or loved ones, or even within ourselves. It is important to learn from this, and observe our reactions; learning to respond in a manner that brings the highest energy to the situation. Not reacting from a triggered emotional response, tossing out judgement, anger or ugly words. We are responsible for what we create, and we hold great power at this time. With great power comes great responsibility. As we become increasingly aware, we become stronger and more capable.

Always ask…Is it kind? Is there a way to express your thoughts in a conscious, thoughtful manner, even in response to someone who is not. Also remembering, we all make mistakes, and we can always learn and move forward. Let us continue the peaceful revolution into a new world, a new way of being.


Article supplied by TaraStar. You can find the original here.

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