The Great IMF Fire-Sale of the UK has Begun

by Phil Brennan

The British Government is about to sell off over half of all UK Forests that are currently under the control of the Forestry Commission to private corporations as the asset-stripping of the UK is begun on behalf of the International Monetary Fund and the Big Six Beast Banks.

Caroline Spelman, the environment secretary, has just announced plans to sell around half of our forests to the mega-corporations – that is 150,000 hectares of prime woodland – as well as numerous other properties. The New Forest, Sherwood Forest, and the Forest of Dean could be targeted for sale.

The Sunday Telegraph provided a map of which forests are owned by the state through the Forestry Commission:

The vast majority of these forests are in Wales, West Scotland and the North East of England.

Most of these forests will be sold off to housing developers, timber merchants, power generators and Centre-Parcs Ltd for golf courses and holiday camps. Our right of access to these forests will be severely curtailed, and we will have lost a great natural resource that can never be bought back for the People.

As we have already stated, this selling off of prime forestry land is part of the mass looting that will occur by the IMF on behalf of the Big Six Beast Banks and Mega-Corporations.

During the IMF Riots in Greece, the Greek government was busy selling off several islands to the same bankers who deliberately bankrupted Greece in the first place, so it comes as no surprise that similar things are being done here. What does come as a surprise is that this IMF Fire-Sale is occurring even before the British people have had their IMF Austerity Riots.

Then there is the issue of the UN’s Agenda 21 – how they plan to push the vast majority of people into big cities and out of the countryside so that the people will be far easier to control as the One World Government takes over. Once crushed within cities, living standards will go down remarkably and access to land for us will be at a premium. We will become more and more reliant on mega-corporations to supply our food and other resources, which puts us in danger of manufactured scarcity and mass starvation, because we will not have independent means of growing our own food as more and more public land within the cities will be sold off for dormitory-style housing projects under Agenda 21.

In the United States they are already trying to make it illegal to grow your own food through S510, and it is only a matter of time before the Communitarian European Union Dictatorship follows suit. This is to be done through Codex Alimentarius under the World Trade Organisation.

Meanwhile, rioting in the streets will not do any good for us as the IMF, World Bank, and United Nations are hell-bent on bankrupting the people so that we will not be able to effectively resist the One World Government being put in place for the benefit of the Globalist Elites and the Mega-Corporations. The government wants us to riot so that they can crack down hard on us and then use the riots as an excuse to implement even more of the New World Order Control Grid around us.

Targeted peaceful protests are the only means to fight against the IMF Fire-Sale of our forests, which means all us old anti-bypass protesters and Tree-Pixies (tree-squatters) are going to have to come out of retirement to show the younger ones how it is done, while we have the means of peaceful protest still available to us. This is not just about preventing our criminal government from selling the national silver, this is also about our civil liberties as the deliberate economic collapse gathers pace in order to put people into poverty and under more government control. This is a fight against neo-feudalism, a fight for our very lives.

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The Great IMF Fire-Sale of the UK has Begun
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May 27, 2015
bad decision
by: delna

This is a bad decision taken by the state. Destroying the forest can make the animals homeless and this may led to animal attack in the town. Also this may effect in the climatic changes in the state. This is one of the largest forests in the state. So a protest is necessary. - brake fluid flush in Hollywood.

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