Wealth and Freedom

Very few people are willing to pay the price to attain wealth and freedom.

By paying the price I mean to actually go inside yourself and change you, your conditioned attitudes, your unresourceful thoughts, your belief systems. Many people are not even aware that it is themselves who need to change, not their environment.

Change what's inside you and everything outside will begin to change too. Stop letting your environment and present circumstances control you.

The problem is people can't see past their present circumstances, so they focus on what they have or don't have now.

Poverty means No Personal Power and No Freedom which keeps you in Poverty

The solution is:

Wealth + Freedom equals Personal Power

I would like to say right now that this wealth must be generated on your own terms. Even if you have a 100K salary you will never be free unless you are earning it under your terms and conditions, which is extremely unlikely if you are working for someone else. This wealth is not just of a monetary nature. I am talking about internal wealth or spiritual wealth too. ie peace and happiness.

Looking deeper into this subject, some people who are more aware than others, may realise that they are slaves to their controlled environments. They are slaves to government, media, bosses, relationships, religion and even money itself.

You should not try to improve yourself while you are held captive by these controlled environments which others have used against you. Having said that they are largely illusionary and imaginary and you must break free before you can begin the process of wealth building and can finally be free.

On the one hand most are not aware enough to do it. On the other, people want to be controlled. They feel more secure having a job even if it pays peanuts, having the latest fashion accessory so they fit in, agreeing with the latest fads and opinions even though they are completely pointless, paying their taxes like good little citizens, even though they could legitimately find tax shelters elsewhere, staying in relationships when they're not happy and so on. It gives them a sense of who they are in line with their conditioned belief systems.

It is these very belief systems that they need to change to more resourceful ones if they are to attain wealth and freedom.

Let's examine freedom.

We are now in a situation especially in many western countries where our daily freedom is being eroded to the point where people feel controlled, unhappy and powerless. Yet it is the very people themselves that are to blame. A typical example is when an air or train accident takes place and people automatically look for a scape goat. "This shouldn't have happened," they say. "We need to tighten the law or make a new law so this never happens again." Personal freedom is therefore further eroded by even more restrictive legislation.

While it is important to have basic safety precautions in place this ultimate safety is never ever going to be achieved.

It is people themselves who crave this level of safety and security and lack of freedom based on their 'need' to be safe and secure, which of course they learned while they were young. Life was never supposed to be like this, this utopia, it's too restrictive. Life was supposed to be exciting and unpredictable!

If you desire this level of security you will never attain wealth and freedom!

What about employment and bosses?

Your employer will want you to work the maximum number of hours for the smallest remuneration package he can get away with. There is actually nothing wrong with this if you are happy to oblige as it makes good economic sense for your boss.

Wage slaves put the maximum amount of effort in a 40-50 year period, receiving the bare minimum wages, have little to show for it after this period and frequently live out the remainder of their limited lives still worrying about money. Where is the freedom in that? Unfortunately for many because of their reduced expectations of their own lives, quite often based on other peoples' lives around them, they think that is just the way it is. This demonstrates that you have completely thrown away your personal choice to the prevailing circumstances which you are conditioned to accept.

By doing this you have clearly given up your choice to attain wealth and freedom.

And Debt?

Your government loves you to have debts, because it knows that you have to keep working to pay for them, which means they can collect taxes from you. People don't realise what a precarious position they are in. Your currency is only worth something because your government says it is (fiat money). It is no longer backed by gold. Currencies are being devalued at an alarming rate and fiat money is being printed like there is no tomorrow.

Your purpose should be to have no debts

Maximise personal savings, minimise outgoings, minimise financial responsibilities to others and of course you should start your own business. Many businesses can be based offshore which means big tax benefits. (It's not that expensive to set up a basic corporate entity) Your savings can be held in multi-currency accounts to hedge against devaluation. You can buy gold and store it offshore. You can even legitimately acquire a second passport.

Wealth and freedom starts to become a reality.

What about government itself?

The average person thinks we need government, inspite of the fact that in many countries the majority of services are contracted out to private companies anyway. People have been so skillfully manipulated over several centuries that they dutifully hand over often more than 60% of their wages (direct and indirect taxes) to a group of people that are never held liable or accountable and conduct the real 'business' behind closed doors. Most people have absolutely no idea of the mechanism that runs government and yet they vote for one party or another thinking they are free. Notice of course that there is never the 3rd option of voting to have no government, my goodness what a liberating thought that would be. This leaves people with the only viable option of not voting at all.

Government is responsible for more deaths on planet earth than any other institution or ideal. People (including me when I was a young man) are so conditioned that they are willing to die for their country in the name of patriatism. It is this very conditioning that prevents people from evolving into a higher level and in doing so becoming free. The reason for war invariably is about money and power and seizing the resources of another country inspite of propaganda carefully fed to the people via the media highlighting 'the war on terrorism' or similar manipulated reasoning. This war is fought inspite of the fact that 'the enemy' invariably becomes the governments economic and/or political 'friend' years later making war and the death of thousands and sometimes millions completely unjustified even if it were so in the first place.

What about the media?

Most 'information' is sensationalised and glorified rubbish that makes no enhancing impact on anyones life yet people pass on opinions as if they know what they are talking about based on invariably manipulated and carefully censored material. The media is only there to make money and control the masses. The media is often used by government and higher powers to manipulate the population. It's an ongoing process and the masses are completely unaware of it.

Turn your TV off, set some exciting goals, and start living your own life, not one carefully controlled for you.

And religion?

I would like to make it clear I believe in God, The Source, Universal Laws, Spirituality, whatever you want to call it. However I do not believe in man made religion. For centuries people have been forced to live unfulfilled and difficult lives because they were conditioned by religious guilt and fear perpetuated by the church. The church has lied for their own advantage, that is to control people, increase personal wealth and power all at the ignorance of the masses. It would be interesting to see what would happen today if the salary of senior members of the church was halved. I wonder if they would still be so keen to preach 'The Word of God.'


Some relationships fail after only a few months because one or both parties realise that their belief systems are too different for the relationship to proceed. No problem....

However what causes relationships to go sour after several years?

It is reasonable to assume that if both parties beliefs change over time you will be quite different people from when you met. If beliefs move closer together, then great the relationship is enhanced even further. The problem comes when both parties beliefs about certain things move in the opposite direction from each other.

A good example is children.

Both parties will have a certain belief system for how they are brought up, how they should act, the role of both parents etc. These beliefs came from your childhood and are passed on from generation to generation.

This doesn't mean they are the most resourceful beliefs though!

The problem is that this belief system that you have about everything gives you a sense of who you are. If you are not willing to give up non resourceful beliefs then you may experience a rough ride in your relationships.

If you look around you nothing stays the same, whether it's the plants and trees or the old building pulled down to make room for new shops.

Everything is essentially transitory.

Why then does man try to make it otherwise. By trying to control a relationship based on the fact that his belief is that it should be let's say, for life, interrupts the natural way things should be. If the relationship is not enhancing to both parties then both parties must move on. Many people are stuck in a relationship because they are afraid to move on, to go out and experience life on their own. These people will never be free. To be free both parties must enhance each others lives or go their separate ways.

To be free we must be aware of our belief systems which were essentially forced upon us as young children. These belief systems are part of how we think about government, religion, employment, media, relationships, money and so on. More often than not these belief systems are not resourceful and keep us in this 'secure' and 'safe' environment that we call society and our life.

It's not your life though, it's one that was created for you.

To be free you have to start creating your own life the way you want it to be. You have to start creating resourceful beliefs. The only way you can do this is to sit down and formulate some exciting goals, your goals, based on what you really want.

Wishing you success, wealth and freedom!

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Wealth and Freedom Quotes

"Our true wealth is the good we do in this world. None of us has faith unless we desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves."


"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

Samuel Adams

"Wealth is a tool of freedom, but the pursuit of wealth is the way to slavery."

Frank Herbert

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